Build 6sense segments using G2 Buyer Intent
  • 06 May 2022
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Build 6sense segments using G2 Buyer Intent

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The G2 Buyer Intent with 6sense integration uses specific keywords and properties to filter Buyer Intent data. Understanding your filtering options ensures that you are prepared to leverage G2 Buyer Intent when building account lists.

The G2 Buyer Intent signals available to this integration depend on your G2 plan.

Refer to G2’s plan information and contact your G2 representative to learn more.

The following table details the G2 Buyer Intent filters you can use to build 6sense segments.

Filter Buyer Intent description
G2 Category Pageviews A buyer viewed a G2 category page featuring your product. G2 categorizes products based on a number of factors, including similar functionality and use case. This activity can indicate that the buyer is in the initial research stage.
G2 Comparison, Alternatives, and Ad Pageviews This filter includes the following three signals:

Comparison: Views of a G2 comparison page featuring your product. This activity indicates that a buyer is directly comparing your product to a competitor’s product.

Alternatives: Views of a G2 alternatives page for a product in a shared G2 product category. This activity indicates that the buyer is seeking alternatives for a product in your category, but your product is not necessarily being compared directly.

Ad: Views of an an advertisement for your product on
G2 Product Profile Pageviews A buyer viewed your G2 product profile page. This activity indicates that a buyer is researching your product directly.

6sense segment example

If you want to build a segment in 6sense that features only accounts that have visited a G2 category page that includes your product, you can do so by using the G2 Category Pageviews filter.

To build a new segment with G2 category signals:

  1. In 6sense, go to Segments > Create a Segment > Account Lists.
  2. Choose Select Filters.
  3. Select Add Filter, and then go to the Intent filters and select G2 Category Pageviews.


  1. Search for and select the G2 product categories that you want to include with the filter. The categories available to you are based on your product’s assigned G2 categories.
  2. Adjust the other 6sense filter settings as needed. For example, you can change the default Last 30 Days timeframe to Last 90 Days if you prefer to include older G2 Buyer Intent signals.


  1. With your filter set, select Show Accounts. The accounts that match your segment filters should appear.


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