Buyer Intent data dictionary
  • 26 Mar 2024
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Buyer Intent data dictionary

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Article Summary

The following data dictionary describes each column for the G2 Seller Buyer Intent Data private listing in Snowflake.

For more information on the G2 + Snowflake integration, refer to the Get started with Snowflake documentation.

Column nameData typeDescriptionExample value
product_idvarcharThe ID for the product subscribed to G2 Buyer Intent. This column corresponds to product_id in the Reviews table.47d9f613-8052-47d0-9770-2cdf09106348
product_namevarcharThe name of the product subscribed to G2 Buyer Intent.G2 Track
category_idvarcharThe ID for the G2 product category. Only populated for Category signals (visit_type: category).1004661
company_idnumberThe ID for the buyer organization.2683174
company_namevarcharThe name of the buyer organization.SaaS Company X
visit_urlvarcharThe URL for the G2 page that was visited.
visit_titlevarcharThe title of the G2 page that was visited.Profile: G2 Marketing Solutions
visit_typevarcharThe type of G2 page that was visited. Possible types:
profile, category, compare, competitors, ad, product_reference_page, licensed_content, vendors.For more information on each type of Buyer Intent signal, refer to the Buyer Intent documentaiton.
visit_datedateThe date of the visit, in YYYY-MM-DD format.2022-10-23
company_domainvarcharThe buyer organization's website
visitor_regionvarcharThe local region of the individual visitor who triggered the Buyer Intent signal.Tamil Nadu
visitor_countryvarcharThe country of the individual visitor who triggered the Buyer Intent signal.India
company_statevarcharThe buyer organization’s headquarters local region.Illinois
company_countryvarcharThe buyer organization’s headquarters country.United States
company_employeesnumberThe number of employees at the buyer organization.700
org_employees_rangevarcharThe number of employees at the buyer organization, reported as a range.500 - 999
company_sectorvarcharThe buyer organization's business sector.Industrials
company_industry_groupvarcharThe buyer organization’s industry grouping.Commercial & Professional Services
company_industryvarcharThe buyer organization’s industry.Professional Services
company_sub_industryvarcharThe buyer organization’s sub-industry.Automation
total_page_viewsnumberThe daily total number of visits to the specific G2 page by users from the same geographic region and buyer organization.2
last_seentimestampThe datetime for the most recent visit to a specific G2 page each day, in UTC.

For example, if a buyer viewed a product's profile page at 2023-01-22 11:10:05 and 2023-01-22 22:40:05, the datetime of the latter visit will be reported for Profile signals (visit_type: profile).
2023-01-22 21:40:05
activity_levelvarcharThe measure of a buyer's general activity on G2.Low, Medium, and High
buying_stagevarcharThe evaluation of a buyer's journey on G2.Awareness, Consideration, and Decision