G2 Buyer Intent data and Pipedrive
  • 19 Apr 2023
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G2 Buyer Intent data and Pipedrive

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G2 Buyer Intent captures enriched data about buyers researching your product across G2. Buyer Intent signals can be generated by a variety of buyer actions, including interacting with your G2 product profile page, comparing your product to a competitor, and viewing alternatives for a product in a shared category. This data enables your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to identify a buyer's stage in the buyer journey.

The G2 Buyer Intent signals available to this integration depend on your G2 plan.

Refer to G2’s plan information and contact your G2 representative to learn more.

How G2 Buyer Intent data auto-maps to Pipedrive

Buyer Intent signals are automatically mapped (auto-mapped) to Pipedrive. For existing organizations, data only auto-maps based on matches of the default Name field for Pipedrive organizations to the name in the G2 custom field g2_org_name.

For example, if a buyer with the domain companyx.com generates a Buyer Intent signal, this integration would only match the signal to organizations with companyx.com listed in the Name field.


Where G2 data appears: Pipedrive organizations and people

By default, G2 Buyer Intent data appears in the Details section for both Pipedrive organizations and people. Each Buyer Intent signal increases the numerical count included in the relevant pageviews fields, provides recent information detailing the specific G2 pages that the buyer viewed, and adjusts the G2 Market Score.

For example, if a buyer generates a category signal for your products, the numerical count in both the g2_category_pageviews and g2_total_pageviews fields increases by 1, and the g2_pages_viewed field identifies the G2 category page that was viewed.

G2 Buyer Intent is company-level information. The G2 custom fields display aggregated Buyer Intent activity across the person’s associated company, not necessarily activity for a specific Pipedrive person.


Filter and identify G2 Buyer Intent signals

The G2 Buyer Intent + Pipedrive integration uses specific keywords and properties to filter Buyer Intent data. Understanding the default Buyer Intent filters ensures that you are prepared to leverage Buyer Intent when building filters to match people and organizations in Pipedrive.

You can use the following custom fields in combination with Pipedrive's default filters to filter people and organizations.

Because G2 captures Buyer Intent signals at the company level, all people associated with a Pipedrive organization are included have identical Buyer Intent data in Pipedrive. This does not mean a specific person in Pipedrive generated the corresponding Buyer Intent signal.

G2 custom fieldDescription
g2_category_pageviewsThe total number of G2 category pageviews.
g2_comparison_pageviewsThe total number of G2 comparison pageviews.
g2_competitors_pageviewsThe total number of G2 alternatives pageviews.
g2_last_seen_atThe date of the most recent Buyer Intent activity.
g2_market_scoreThe G2 Market Score factors in all G2 Buyer Intent activity for a company and represents that activity in a single number.

Market Scores range from 0 to 100. Higher numbers correspond to more interested buyers.
g2_org_domainThe website domain for the buyer organization.
g2_org_nameThe name of the organization that generated the Buyer Intent signal.

The information in this field is used by G2 to auto-map Buyer Intent data to Pipedrive.
g2_pages_viewedA detailed description of the Buyer Intent signal.

Refer to the Use g2_pages_viewed for advanced filtering section for more details.
g2_pricing_pageviewsThe number of pageviews for your G2 pricing page.
g2_product_profile_pageviewsThe number of pageviews for your G2 product profile.
g2_sponsored_content_pageviewsThe number of pageviews for your sponsored content.
g2_total_pageviewsThe total number of pageviews across all Buyer Intent signals.

Numbered fields represent the total number of signals received for an organization since activating the integration.

Use g2_pages_viewed for advanced filtering

The g2_pages_viewed field contains details about the specific Buyer Intent signals associated with an organization.


For example, select Organization > g2_pages_viewed > contains and enter alternative to find companies that have viewed a G2 alternatives page.

The following table identifies the G2 Buyer Intent filter keywords that you can use in combination with Pipedrive's to identify buyers based on G2 activity.

Buyer Intent signalFilter keywordDescription
AlternativesalternativeViews of G2 alternatives pages for your product or products in a shared G2 product category. This activity indicates that the buyer is seeking alternatives for a product in your category, but your product is not necessarily being compared directly.
CategorycategoryViews of a G2 category page featuring your product. G2 categorizes products based on a number of factors, including similar functionality and use case. This activity could indicate that the buyer is in the initial research stage.
ComparisoncompareViews of G2 product comparison pages that include your product. This Buyer Intent activity can indicate when a G2 user is directly comparing your product to a competitor’s product.
PricingpricingA buyer viewed the pricing page of your G2 profile. This activity indicates that the buyer is evaluating your product in the context of their budget.
Product profileprofileViews of your G2 product profile page. This activity indicates that a G2 user is specifically researching your product, which means the buyer is further along in their journey.
Sponsored contentsponsoredViews of an advertisement for your product on G2.com. This signal can include the G2 page where your advertisement was loaded, such as on a competitor’s product profile or category page.
All signals{the name of a geographic region}If location data is available, enter in the name of a country or region to filter Buyer Intent signals by the individual buyer's geolocation.

Examples: United States | India | California
Alternatives, comparison, or sponsored content{the name of a competitor}Some G2 Buyer Intent signals contain information about your competitors, such as the product that your product was compared against.

Enter the name of a competitor into the contains any of field to refine your alternative, comparison, or sponsored content pageviews. For example, G2 Marketing Solutions can enter Gartner as a keyword.

To find more options for filtering via this custom field, go to the Details section for your Pipedrive people and organizations and view the details for the G2 Buyer Intent signals in the g2_pages_viewed field.

For more information on how you can use filters, refer to Pipedrive’s Filtering documentation.

Example: Find specific product comparisons

As an example of how you can use Pipedrive filters to find specific G2 Buyer Intent activity, complete the following steps to find signals only for organizations that have compared your product against a specific competitor:

  1. In Pipedrive, go to Contacts > Organizations.
  2. Open the filter dropdown in the top-right corner and then select Filters > Add new filter.
  3. Select Add condition.
  4. Choose Organization > g2_pages_viewed > contains and then enter the name of a competing product.


  1. Select Save to view the filtered results.

The filtered results should contain any organization that has compared your product to the product you entered since the integration was implemented.

This filter requires that you know the G2 names of the products that are featured in your comparison pages.

To find those product names, go to my.G2, then Buyer Activity > Buyer Intent > Your Signals. Then, review the information in the Most Commonly Compared to section and the details for specific organizations.

Example: Find the most active buyers

You can also find an organization based on the amount of G2 Buyer Intent signals that it has generated.

  1. In Pipedrive, go to Contacts > Organizations.
  2. Open the filter dropdown in the top-right corner, then select Filters > Add new filter.
  3. Select Add condition.
  4. Choose Organization > g2_total_pageviews > is more than and then enter the minimum number of Buyer Intent signals you want to target. For this example, we used 5.


  1. Select Save to view the filtered results.

The filtered results should contain only organizations that have generated more Buyer Intent signals than the threshold you set.

Example: Find buyers by location

You can find buyers based on the geo location of the individual that generated a Buyer Intent signal.

  1. In Pipedrive, go to Contacts > Organizations.
  2. Open the filter dropdown in the top-right corner and then select Filters > Add new filter.
  3. Select Add condition.
  4. Choose Organization > g2_pages_viewed > contains and then enter the location that you want to filter by. For this example, we entered Philippines.

    The location must match the details in the Buyer Intent signals. You can use cities, regions, or countries.


  1. Select Save to view the filtered results.

The filtered results should contain only organizations with individual buyers from your chosen location.

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