HubSpot emails with G2 marketing content
  • 22 Jul 2021
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HubSpot emails with G2 marketing content

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Article Summary

You can use G2 badges and G2 widgets to populate HubSpot emails. Using badges and widgets can benefit your organization in a variety of ways, including:

  • Driving G2 review generation efforts
  • Highlighting current reviews as part of marketing and sales efforts
  • Making positive comparisons to competitors in the G2 Grid

This functionality is not directly tied to the G2 HubSpot integration. If your organization has a G2 subscription and HubSpot, this information is still useful even without completing the HubSpot integration.

Automated or regular HubSpot emails

HubSpot has multiple email types, including regular and automated. G2 badges and widgets can be used in any type of HubSpot email, but you should understand which type of email might work best for your purposes before creating one.

  • Automated emails can be used to populate the actions in HubSpot workflows. This means that automated emails can be sent repeatedly whenever a workflow is triggered. For example, if you want to send a certain email to a number of recipients as part of a lead nurture campaign, you can create an automated email and use it in a HubSpot workflow. Review the HubSpot workflows with G2 data section to learn how to create workflows.
  • Regular emails are created in the same manner as automated emails, but they cannot be used as part of workflows. Instead, these emails are best used in manual, one-off blasts. For example, if you create a HubSpot static list of contacts, building a regular email to target that list might be the best option. Review the HubSpot lists with G2 data section to learn how to create lists.

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