Basics of the G2 Pendo integration
  • 01 Jun 2022
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Basics of the G2 Pendo integration

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The G2 Pendo integration makes it easier for reviewers to submit reviews to, and eliminates the requirement that vendors supply G2 with customer email lists to fuel Review Campaigns. This is accomplished by inserting a G2-provided HTML/iFrame block in Pendo guides that links directly to the G2 review process.

G2 reviews submitted via the Pendo integration are only available for non-incentivized reviews. Gift cards or other incentives can not be attached to this G2 review process.

G2 values authentic and transparent feedback, which means collecting reviews of all types (negative, neutral, and positive alike). Per the G2 Community Guidelines, a seller cannot segment reviewers to solicit only positive reviews.

Your product users are not required to log in to to complete a G2 review. Instead, the email address of the user completing the Pendo guide is securely passed to G2.

If the user already has a account that matches the email, the review that is submitted can be found on their G2 user profile page. If a matching account is not found, the review is still submitted using the provided email. If a user later creates a G2 account with the same email address, the review will be attached to their account.

If a user successfully submits a review, then returns to the survey at a later time, they will not be able to submit a new review. Instead, G2 presents them with their original response and allows them to update their review.

Reviewer benefits

With this experience, a user taking a survey via a Pendo guide can submit a review directly to This removes the need to create a account or use G2’s social login options to submit a review. The reviewer can also still choose to submit the review as an anonymous user if they do not want their name attached to the review.

This process also streamlines the effort to access a G2 review form, meaning users spend less time clicking around to start the review process.

Vendor benefits

The G2 Pendo integration enables you to generate more reviews from product users directly via the Pendo guides you already use. Remove the friction created by directing product users to’s account creation process as part of a Review Campaign, and improve the likelihood that a user will complete the review process.

Security-focused organizations can better generate reviews without sharing user lists to G2 to conduct Review Campaigns.

Collecting more, high-quality reviews also means that your products are more likely to be highlighted in one of G2’s “Best Of” lists or other quarterly reports. Review Research Scoring Methodologies to better understand how G2 reviews impact those lists and reports.

GDPR compliance

This integration is GDPR compliant. G2 does not store email addresses for communication purposes, and reviewers must explicitly opt into G2’s Terms of Use before submitting a review through this integration.

The data passed to this integration is covered by the master subscription agreement (MSA) and data processing addendum (DPA) your organization signed upon activating your G2 subscription.

Standard G2 review form and quality

The G2 Pendo integration experience does not negatively impact the quality of reviews. When a review is submitted via this process, the review undergoes the same manual moderation process as any other review submitted to

G2 uses a shortened review form for this integration to make it easier for reviewers to submit feedback, without compromising the quality of the review. If you want to add your own questions to the review form, review Custom Questions.

Example: Pendo guides and the G2 review form

The G2 Pendo integration enables you to add the G2 review form as a Code Block in your Pendo guides.

The only restrictions in adding the G2-provided Code Block to your organization’s guides are Pendo’s restrictions, which includes not adding more than one Code Block to a single step in a guide. For more information, review Pendo’s Custom Code documentation.

G2 built the following example to show how the G2 review form appears in a Pendo guide. G2 manually added language as a Text Block in the same step to provide context to the user about the review form.

The G2-provided HTML that is used for the Code Block specifies a default width of 550 and height of 600. For this example, G2 adjusted the width to 410 and the height to 360 to better fit the step’s size.

When implementing the Code Block, you should also adjust the width and height based on the user devices that the Pendo guide targets and the size of your steps.


After submitting a review, your product user will see the following message inside the Code Block:


Tracking reviews generated via Pendo

To monitor the success of the G2 Pendo integration in generating G2 reviews:

  1. Go to my.G2, then Review Management > Review Activity.
  2. Select Review API from the Review Source drop-down to filter reviews by sourced type.

As the G2 Review app in Pendo utilizes the G2 review API, this filtered view of your reviews should indicate whether your product users are submitting reviews via this process.

Your organization might have other review generation efforts in place that use the G2 API, which might mean not every review displayed in this filtered review is the result of the G2 Pendo integration.

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