HubSpot reports with G2 data
  • 10 May 2022
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HubSpot reports with G2 data

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Article summary

Use HubSpot reports to help you analyze your G2 Buyer Intent data.

When creating reports with Buyer Intent, you must use the G2 Buyer Intent Details company property.The G2: Buyer Intent Details Contact property cannot be used to create reports.

The following example demonstrates how to create a HubSpot report using Buyer Intent data. You can create a report that exactly matches this example, or use this example as inspiration for your own custom reports.

Example: Assess companies with G2 Buyer Intent data by lifecycle stage and number of deals attached

This report shows companies with Buyer Intent in HubSpot, the number of deals attached to those companies, and their current lifecycle stage. Use this information to assess if your organization is appropriately leveraging Buyer Intent to close more deals.

Refer to the Filter and identify G2 Buyer Intent signals documentation for more information about the G2-specific filters used to build the example report.

To build this workflow:

  1. In HubSpot, select Reports > Reports.
  2. Select Create custom report.
  3. Select Custom Report Builder.
  4. Choose Companies in the Primary data source dropdown, and then add Contacts and Deals as secondary data sources.
  5. Select Next.

Choose the data sources for a HubSpot custom report

  1. In the Configure tab, choose the Table option.
  2. In the left-side sources menu, select and drag G2 Buyer Intent Details to the Fields section.
  3. Select and drag the following items to the Columns field:
    • Company domain name
    • Count of deals
    • Lifecycle stage

Build your table with G2 and HubSpot data sources

  1. Open the Sort by dropdown, then select Lifecycle stage, Display order, and Descending.
  2. Select Save report. Enter a report name and decide whether this report should be added to a dashboard.
  3. Select Next. Set the ability for other HubSpot users to access and edit this report.
  4. Select Save. This report is now available for use.

You can go back to the Reports page in HubSpot any time to access, edit, or export the report.

HubSpot resources for creating reports

For more information on creating reports in HubSpot, refer to the following HubSpot resources.