Insert a G2 Grid Widget in a Marketo landing page template
  • 22 Jul 2021
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Insert a G2 Grid Widget in a Marketo landing page template

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G2’s Grid Widget shows your product’s ranking in relation to products in the same category. This widget can be used in competitor-focused website pages and landing pages that highlight these rankings to show that your product is considered a leader in a product category by G2 reviewers.

To place a G2 Grid Widget in a Marketo landing page template, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Go to the Marketing Content > Widgets > Grid Widget tab.


  1. Find the Grid Widget you want to use and select the pencil icon for it.
  2. In the Customize your G2 Grid pop-up, select options from the Size and Segment dropdowns, and select the Show Border check box to determine whether a border will be placed around the Grid. The size options determine how large the Grid will be, which can impact the widget’s placement in your email.
  3. With the options in step 4 in place, select Copy embed code.
  4. Go to your Marketo instance, and then select Design Studio.
  5. Select New > New Landing Page Template.
  6. Choose a folder, name, and editing mode for the template, and then select Create.
  7. Paste the embed code in the desired spot within the landing page template code.
  8. Select Preview Draft. Ensure that the Grid Widget is loading and that selecting it leads to the appropriate experience for a user.


  1. Select Edit Draft, and then Template Actions > Approve and Close.

The landing page template should now be available with your Grid Widget included.