List of G2 custom objects
  • 16 Jun 2022
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List of G2 custom objects

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The following list details the custom objects included with the G2 CRM Connector for Salesforce.

G2 custom object Description
G2 Asset This includes licensed content from G2 and Reference Pages. It is used for the G2 Folders tab.
G2 Asset Folder This houses the shared and personal folders created in the G2 Folders tab.
G2 Event This includes the G2 Buyer Intent information for the G2 Events tab.
G2 Event Aggregate G2 Event Aggregates combine multiple G2 events to form a single data point for a certain period.
G2 Favorite This includes the G2 reviews, Reference Pages, and reports that are placed in shared and personal folders in the G2 Folders tab.
G2 Product Information related to specific products listed on G2, including the G2 unique ID and the URL slug for each product. Organizations with multiple G2-listed products populating the Salesforce environment will find these fields particularly useful.
G2 Related Event Leads-specific information for G2 Buyer Intent events.
G2 Related Organization Leads-specific information for G2 visiting organizations.
G2 Review Includes information about individual G2 reviews, such as the review title, review URL, NPS, Star Rating, and details about the reviewer.
G2 Review Answer Details the specific questions and answers submitted as part of the G2 review process, including the type of question and type of answer.
G2 Save Filter Stores the filters you create in the G2 Buyer Intent tab.
G2 Secondary Account Stores your manual mapping selections for secondary Salesforce accounts.
G2 Setting Contains settings information for the G2 CRM Connector.
G2 Visiting Organization Contextual information about the organizations with G2 Events, including details about industry, social media, and revenue.

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