Marketo lists with G2 data
  • 28 Sep 2021
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Marketo lists with G2 data

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Marketo lists can be a key aspect of segmentation, account-based marketing, sales qualification, and nurture campaigns. With the G2 Marketo integration, you can create and use lists based on specific Buyer Intent signals.

For example, you can create a smart list that identifies potential or current customers that are directly comparing your product to a competitor’s product. With this knowledge, you can know exactly which companies to target with an email campaign that specifically highlights your strengths against your competitor’s product.

Smart lists or static lists

Smart lists in Marketo constantly update to add or remove people that meet the filter criteria you put in place. Smart lists are a good option to use with G2 data when you always want the list to update when new G2 Buyer Intent data is auto-mapped to a company.

Static lists in Marketo only generate one time based on the filter criteria, and the people included in the list only change when you manually update the list or it is updated as part of a smart campaign. Static lists are a good option when you do not need the list to update based on newly mapped G2 Buyer Intent data. For example, if you want to identify a set of people (associated companies) with specific G2 Buyer Intent signals to target with a one-time email campaign, you can generate a static list with the desired filters and then load the list into the email campaign.

Marketo resources for creating lists

To gain more in-depth knowledge of how to create and use lists, review Marketo’s Understanding Smart Lists, Understanding Static Lists, and Smart List Filter Operators Glossary documentation.

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