Marketo programs with G2 data and marketing content
  • 26 Apr 2022
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Marketo programs with G2 data and marketing content

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Article Summary

Marketo programs can be used to combine a variety of elements across Marketo into a single marketing initiative. These elements can include smart lists, smart campaigns, emails, and landing pages.

Combining these elements into a single program provides the ability to create more effective reporting. By using the other sections of this integration guide to create G2-oriented programs, your organization can better understand whether G2 Buyer Intent data and marketing content is having a positive impact on your marketing campaigns.

To create a G2-oriented program in Marketo:

  1. Go to your Marketo instance and select Marketing Activities.
  2. Select New > New Program.
  3. In the New Program pop-up, choose a folder, program type, and channel, and enter a name for the program. G2 suggests including a description with details of the G2 components used as part of the program.
  4. Finish creating your Marketo program and setting up the associated reporting by reviewing Marketo’s Understanding Programs and Creating a Report in a Program documentation, as well as the following information in this G2 Marketo integration guide:
    • G2 Buyer Intent data and Marketo
    • Marketo lists with G2 data
    • Marketo smart campaigns with G2 data
    • Marketo emails with G2 marketing content
    • Marketo landing pages with G2 marketing content