Packages & Pricing
  • 22 Sep 2021
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Packages & Pricing

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The pricing section of your product profile enables you to provide buyers with in-depth and transparent information related to your product packages, pricing, and availability of free trials. Add this information to your product profile to better enable buyers to compare information directly between you and your competitors in a standardized format.


If your organization chooses not to provide packages or pricing details, buyers will see a message instead that explains that this information has not been provided.


How to add packages and pricing to your product profile

The following information includes examples of the Pricing section in a G2 product profile page and how you can enter or change details.

Screenshots and other information included in this documentation do not reflect G2’s actual pricing or package structure.

To add pricing and package information to your product profile, complete the following steps:

  1. In the my.G2 Packages & Pricing tab, select Add pricing package.

  2. Enter the relevant details for the package, and then select Save.

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 to add more packages to your product profile. You can choose different pricing options for each package that you add, but G2 recommends standardizing your pricing structure for all packages so buyers can more easily compare the provided options.

    Packages are automatically arranged according to the pricing details you add for each package. To rearrange the order of your packages, scroll over a package and then select-and-drag the package to the desired spot.


  4. (Optional) In the Basic Details section, enter details including the pricing description and whether a free trial is available for your product.

  5. (Optional) If your pricing and package information is more complicated, or you prefer to provide your organization’s standard pricing list, select Upload pricing list and choose a supported PDF from your local machine. If the file is larger than 5MB, an error message informs you to upload a smaller file.

  6. Select Save.

  7. Go to your Pricing section of your product profile page on and confirm that all information is accurate.

To better understand the options that are available to you in the Packages & Pricing tab, review the information in the following table, and then expand the image to see where each section in my.G2 appears in the product profile page:

Image numbermy.G2 sectionDescription
1Edition NameEnter the name of each package that you add to your profile. For example, you could have Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise editions of your product.
2Edition DescriptionEnter a description of each package. Use the description to inform buyers about what is included in each package and the type of customer that might be interested in them.
3Do you offer the edition by a unit such as a user, seat, or license?If a package includes a certain number of users or licenses, describe that pricing structure.
4How often do you bill for your product?If your organization expects to be paid at regular cadences for the package, select the appropriate option from the dropdown.
5PriceTwo options are available in this section:

1. Add a price for the package, including a standard currency. Select the Starting at checkbox if your pricing structure has a minimum figure, but could be more costly depending on customer needs.
2. Select one of the options from Free Trial, Contact Us, or Pay As You Go to use a CTA button instead of a price. When a Buyer selects one of these buttons, they will be prompted to complete your lead form. To change your lead form, go to my.G2 and select the Buyer Activity > Leads > Lead Form tab.
6Select a CTA typeIf you want to add both pricing and a CTA button (number 5), select one of the CTA options. Do not use this option if you already chose a CTA button instead of adding a price.
7Add FeatureEnter specific features that are included in each of your packages. Select Add Feature to add more features to your package description.
8Pricing DescriptionAdd information that provides context to your pricing and packages. For example, you could explain the types of users that are typically interested in your product.
9FooterAdd a footer to provide disclaimer information related to your pricing and packages.
10Free Trial Available?Select Yes if you want to add an indicator confirming to buyers that they can trial your product before purchasing it.
11Complete Pricing ListIf your pricing and package information is more complicated, or you prefer to provide your organization’s standard pricing list, you can choose to upload a PDF of your pricing and package structure.

Downloadable pricing lists on your product profile are a gated experience. Buyers must submit a lead form before they can access your pricing.


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