Prompt guidelines
  • 24 Aug 2021
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Prompt guidelines

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While the actual review process is still managed by G2, you need to build the prompt experience into your websites.


You must add language that informs the user that certain information will be shared with G2 to complete a review. This language can be placed adjacent to a call-to-action (CTA) button or text link.

The following language can be used as an example of user messaging:

  • To continue, [Vendor Name] will share your full name and email address with G2. Before choosing to submit a review, you can review G2’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

The language used to prompt a user to submit a G2 review should not influence the reviewer’s attitudes towards the vendor’s products. Refer to G2’s Community Guidelines for more information on review collection standards.


In-app review prompts can be placed practically anywhere on a website. The same G2 API information can also be used to place prompts across multiple website locations.

Potential locations where a prompt could appear include, but are not limited to:

Potential locations Logic
User profile menu A user needs to be logged in to your website to proceed with the G2 review process, so place a review prompt in the same area as the user log-in experience to improve the likelihood a user will be signed in to complete the review.
Success page If a user has achieved a desired outcome with your product, place a review prompt in the success page.
Time of active use Deliver a prompt as part of the general user log-in experience when a certain period has passed. For example, when the user first logged in 30/60/90 days ago.
Action-oriented prompts Insert a prompt when a user has completed a certain action in the product. For example, a prompt can be triggered at the end of an action that is associated with an advanced user. This can generate more G2 reviews from your most knowledgeable users.
Home page Make a prompt visible on a website home page to drive more G2 reviews. However, this could frustrate users that are not logged in to your website.
User groups/communities If you host a community where users can deliver feedback or answer each others’ questions, placing an in-app review prompt here can help target the most passionate users of a product.


G2 does not control the appearance of an in-app review prompt, so you can utilize different color schemes and shapes when creating a prompt. For example, a prompt can be a typical call-to-action (CTA) according to your own website guidelines.

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