Understanding example notifications
  • 15 Jun 2022
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Understanding example notifications

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Article Summary

G2 data sent via the G2 CRM Connector does not trigger the standard notifications Salesforce normally provides to your team when changes are made to an account, lead, or opportunity.

Instead, to set up G2-related Salesforce notifications, you need to utilize Salesforce’s Flow Builder to create custom notifications. These custom flows and processes are not included as part of the G2 CRM Connector for Salesforce, and must be built by your team.

To simplify this process, G2 provides example notifications and build guides that can be used for reference when creating your own custom notifications.

To learn more about Salesforce’s Flow Builder and Process Builder, refer to Salesforce’s Flows documentation, as well as Salesforce's Build Flows with Flow Builder training modules.

The variables created in Flow Builder are largely pulled from G2 custom fields. To learn more about the fields that are included in G2 custom objects, refer to the Custom Salesforce fields documentation.

Notifications overview

There are four basic steps to create notifications for new G2 data in Flow Builder:

  1. Create a new record-triggered flow linked to a G2 custom object.
  2. Create the notification resources. Flow Builder resources enable you to customize your notification with specific event data. G2 uses three types of resources in example notification documentation:
  • Text Templates provide a framework for the text of your notification message and include placeholders to fill in with your variable and formula data.

  • Variables populate your text templates with information specific to the new G2 data, such as a G2 Buyer Intent event or the name of a mapped Salesforce account.

  • Formulas populate your text templates with more complex information, such as the direct URL to an account or record within your Salesforce environment.

  1. Add actions specific to your notification type, such as sending an email or Chatter.
  2. (Recommended) Test and activate your flow.