• 25 Apr 2023
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The Competitors tab helps you understand your performance on G2 by reporting the key factors influencing your product’s G2 Score alongside the same data for up to five of your competitors.

competitors algorithm demo

Your G2 Score affects your product’s placement on G2 Grid®, inclusion in G2 Reports, and ranking in G2 categories. For more information, refer to the Research Scoring Methodologies.

To access the Competitors tab, go to my.G2, then Analytics > Competitors.

Setting competitors

To modify your list of competitors, select Change Competitors. Search for additional competitors by selecting Add competitor, or remove competitors by selecting the X.

competitors demo

You should choose competitors that share at least one G2 category with your product. G2 does not report competitor data for products outside of a shared category.

Viewing your Grid® placement

G2 recommends using the Grid® preview to evaluate the impact of a Review Campaign or to check your position before a new Market Report is released.

You can switch between Grids® using the category and market segment filters.

competitors category and company size filter

To compare how your product’s Grid® placement has changed over time, use the report filter.

competitors g2 grid filter

The Review Trends panel monitors the total number of reviews your product received in the past six months and compares your performance to your competitors.

competitors review trends

Percentages and directional arrows indicate the change in review volume relative to the previous six month interval.

Market Presence and Satisfaction scores

G2 also reports the key data points used to calculate your Market Presence and Satisfaction scores, enabling you to understand and act on your category and Grid® placement.

Use the dropdown in the G2 Grid® Analytics panel to view your Market Presence and Satisfaction scores for each category that includes your product.

competitors market presence and satisfaction category filter

Once you are familiar with the factors influencing your product’s ranking, G2 recommends comparing your scores to those of your competitors to identify any potential areas for improvement.