• 13 May 2024
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Article summary

The Discussions tab enables you to view and respond to questions submitted by buyers.

image showing discussions tab in my.g2

Basics of Discussions

You can use discussions to engage in transparent conversations with buyers and collect product feedback by posting your own discussion topics.

Where discussions appear on your profile

You can access your product’s discussions page by clicking the Official {your product name} Community link on your product profile.

image showing offician community link on a product profile

G2 adds up to four pinned questions to the Discussions section of product profiles for certain products. Pinned discussions are determined to be the most frequently asked questions for your product.

image showing a G2 pinned discussion on a product profile

Managing your Discussions

Responding to discussions

demonstration showing how to see a discussion in my.g2

To respond to a discussion:

  1. Go to my.G2, then Product Information > Discussions.
  2. Select See Discussions.
  3. Select Comment as Expert to respond on behalf of your organization or select Comment as [Your Name] to respond as yourself.

G2 recommends using Comment as Expert to respond to discussion questions. This enables your organization to respond with one voice when addressing buyers and product users.

demo showing how to comment as an expert

  1. From the Select a Product dropdown, select the product that you are responding on behalf of and enter your comment.
  2. Select Post.

Posting your own discussions

You can start your own discussion to ask questions or collect feedback from your users to help refine your product roadmap.

create a new dicussion

To start a discussion:

  1. Navigate to your G2 product profile.
  2. In the Overview panel, select Official {YOUR PRODUCT NAME} Community.
  3. Select Start a Discussion.
  4. Enter a Title, Description, and G2 product category for your discussion.

You can also add tags to help you group and filter your discussions.

  1. Select Start A Discussion to submit the post.

Configuring discussion notifications

You can update your user account preferences to receive notifications for certain discussions activities such as someone answering a question that you posted.

demonstration showing how to set user preferences related to notifications

New discussion questions do not generate notifications in my.G2.

To receive notifications related to discussions:

  1. Log in to G2.com.
  2. Select the User icon, then Profile.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. You can select the notification frequency for the following options:
  • Someone answers a question I asked
  • Someone answers a question I answered
  • Someone replies to my comment
  • Someone asks a question I might be able to answer

image showing discussion related notification settings in a user account

  1. Select Save.

You can select Notifications to access your personal notifications.

image showing the notifications tab within a user account

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