• 11 Jan 2023
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Article Summary

Discussions are built to inspire transparent conversation between your product users, potential buyers, and your organization.

This is another way for you to reach people interested in your product. Any user that opts in can see new discussions as they are created.

Discussions can be used to help you engage product users and buyers in a variety of conversations, including:

ActionHow to use G2 Discussions
Engage with buyers.Monitor the Discussions tab in my.G2 to ensure your organization answers questions about your product.
Request feedback on a new feature release.Start your own discussion via your G2 product profile page and ask for feedback from your product users.
Gather requests for new features.Start your own discussion via your G2 product profile page and ask your product users about the features they would most like to see included in future releases.

Respond to discussions

You can view discussions related to your product by going to the Product Profile > Discussions tab in my.G2.

Here, you can find information about the G2 user that submitted the discussion question, the question title and description, and whether the question has been answered yet.


To interact with a discussion question, complete the following steps:

  1. In the my.G2 Discussions tab, select See Discussion for the question that you want to answer.
  2. Select Comment as [Your Name] to respond to the original questions as yourself, or Comment as Expert to respond on behalf of your organization.

G2 recommends using Comment as Expert to respond to discussion questions when possible. This option enables your organization to respond with one voice when addressing buyers and product users.

  1. Select Reply to respond to other comments that have been generated for the same question.


Start your own discussions

You might want to start your own discussion to ask questions or collect feedback from your users to help refine your product roadmap.

create a new dicussion

To start a discussion:

  1. Navigate to your G2 product profile.
  2. From the Overview panel, select Official {YOUR PRODUCT NAME} Community to access your discussions.
  3. Select Start a Discussion.
  4. Enter a title, description, and G2 product category for your discussion.

You can also add tags to help you group and filter your discussions.

  1. Select Start A Discussion to submit the post.

Discussion notifications

New discussion questions do not prompt direct notifications to you or other my.G2 users in your organization, but you can update your personal G2.com preferences to receive notifications for certain discussions activities such as someone answering a question that you posted.

To receive personal notifications related to discussions:

  1. Go to G2.com and log in.
  2. Select the user menu in the top-right corner of the site and then Profile Details.
  3. Select the Privacy tab.
  4. Choose notification preferences for the following four options related to discussions:
    • Someone answers a question I asked
    • Someone answers a question I answered
    • Someone replies to my comment
    • Someone asks a question I might be able to answer


  1. Select Update Notification Preferences.

You should now receive notifications based on the preferences you added.

Pinned questions

To better assist buyers and product users, G2 adds up to four pinned questions to the Discussion section of product profiles for certain products.

These questions are generated as a result of extensive market research by G2 to determine the questions that customers ask most frequently. Unlike typical questions on Discussions pages, there is no Posted by information that indicates the G2 user that originally posted the question.

Instead, pinned questions have a red left-hand side border along with a pin icon at the top-right informing users that G2 pinned the question.


As with any other question, you can answer a pinned question to help better inform and interact with buyers and product users. G2 recommends using the Comment as Expert feature to respond to pinned questions on behalf of your organization.

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