• 13 May 2024
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The Features tab enables you to select category-specific features to help users understand your product’s functionality and ensure that your product is rated accurately by G2 reviewers.

image showing the features tab in my.g2

Basics of Features

Where features appear on your product profile

The Features tab displays all features that have been determined by G2 to be available in your product categories.

demo showing how to navigate to the features tab on a product profile

Selecting features in my.G2 enables reviewers to rate your features on the G2 Review form. Feature ratings appear in the Features tab on your profile.

image showing feature ratings on a product profile

Managing your features in my.G2

demo showing how to configure features in my.g2

If your product is in a category that does not yet have G2-verified features, the Features tab will not appear in my.G2.

To manage your features:

  1. Go to my.G2, then Product Information > Features.
  2. For each feature, select the feature format that most accurately represents how the feature's availability for your product.

Feature formats include the following:

Feature formatDescription
NativeThe feature is available out-of-the-box with your product. No customizations or integrations are required for a product user.
Custom CodeThe feature is available, but only to product users that build the feature themselves via custom code.
Third PartyThe feature is available via a third-party integration or application.
Not AvailableThe feature is not available with your product.
  1. Select Save.

After selecting your features, your product must receive at least 5 review responses to feature related questions before the Features tab appears on your profile.

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