• 21 Sep 2021
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The features section of your product profile helps you better inform users about the functionality that is available with your product.

Selecting accurate options for your product in the my.G2 Features tab provides a number of benefits to you, including helping G2 more accurately categorize your product, improving how customers find your G2 product profile page, and ensuring that your product is rated accurately by G2 reviewers.


How to manage the features on your product profile

In the my.G2 Features tab, you can find all of the features that have been determined by G2 to be available in your product categories. If your product is in a category that does not yet have features, the Features tab will not be available to you in my.G2.

To manage the features on your product profile, complete the following steps:

  1. In the my.G2 Features tab, review each feature description carefully.
  2. For each feature, select the option that most accurately represents how the feature is made available for your product:
    • Native: The feature is available out-of-the-box with your product. No customizations or integrations are required for a product user.
    • Custom Code: The feature is available, but only to product users that build the feature themselves via custom code.
    • Third Party: The feature is available via a third-party integration or application.
    • Not Available: The feature is not available with your product.

If you select Not Available for a feature, any questions about that specific feature are removed from the G2 review form. This saves reviewers time, and ensures that your product is rated based on features that are actually available.

The feature is also removed from the features section of your product profile. This helps buyers better understand which features are available with your product.

  1. Select Save.

If you choose the Not Available option for any feature, the G2 review form will automatically update to remove the rating question for that feature.


G2-verified features

The selections you make in the my.G2 Features tab do not directly affect the G2-verified features listed in the Summary of Features section on your product profile page. However, G2 does consider these selections when verifying the features that are available with your product, so you should ensure that the entries in the Features tab are as accurate as possible.


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