G2 Buyer Intent data and Marketo
  • 06 May 2022
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G2 Buyer Intent data and Marketo

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G2 Buyer Intent captures enriched data about buyers researching your product across G2. Buyer Intent signals can be generated by a variety of buyer actions, including interacting with your G2 product profile page, comparing your product to a competitor, and viewing alternatives for a product in a shared category. This data enables your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to identify a buyer's stage in the buyer journey.

The G2 Buyer Intent signals available to this integration depend on your G2 plan.

Refer to G2’s plan information and contact your G2 representative to learn more.

Filter and identify G2 Buyer Intent signals

Whether you’re building Marketo lists or reviewing the information in G2 custom fields, understanding the default Buyer Intent fields being delivered to your Marketo instance and how to filter them in various ways is important.

If you have not already created all of the necessary G2 custom fields in Marketo, refer to the Implementation documentation.

Although people are at the core of Marketo, G2 Buyer Intent data is generated at the company level. When using G2 custom fields to filter in Marketo, the Buyer Intent activity is generated across the company associated with a person. For example, if you use the G2 Total Pageviews custom field in a filter, this includes all G2 pageviews across the associated company, not just an individual person.

Use the G2 Pages Viewed custom field for filtering

Buyer Intent data flows to all of the G2 custom fields in Marketo. The G2 Pages Viewed custom field is where complete details about Buyer Intent signals are stored. When building smart lists, this custom field can be used to filter Marketo people (associated companies) based on G2 Buyer Intent signals.


For example, select contains and enter compare to find only the companies that have viewed a G2 product comparison page. Or select not contains and enter sponsored to filter out all companies with Buyer Intent signals that include sponsored content impressions on G2.com.

The following table identifies the G2 Buyer Intent filter keywords that you can use in combination with Marketo's filters to build lists.

G2 Buyer Intent signals Filter keywords Description
All pageviews Enter a geo location such as a country or city

United States


Enter a location such as a country or city to find Buyer Intent signals based on the individual buyer's geo location.
All pageviews featuring a specific competitor product or company Enter the name of the competitor product or company Alternatives and comparisons pageviews include details about the product that your product is being compared against. Use the name of a product that you share a G2 category with to find signals across Buyer Intent types.

For example, G2 Marketing Solutions can enter Gartner as a keyword to find all pageviews that include that competitor company.

The company or product must match how G2 identifies them for this filter to work. Use the alternative keyword to uncover the exact terms for those competitors.
Alternative pageviews alternative These are views of a G2 alternatives page for a product in a shared product category. This activity indicates that the buyer is seeking alternatives for a product in your category, but your product is not necessarily being compared directly.

Alternatives signals also list the featured product on the page.
Category pageviews category These are views of a G2 product category page. If your product is listed in multiple G2 categories, you can further specify which category you would like to filter by (for example, the CRM category). This activity can indicate that a G2 user is at the beginning stages of the buying process and is conducting general research.
Comparisons pageviews compare These are views of G2 product comparison pages that include your product. This Buyer Intent activity can indicate when a G2 user is directly comparing your product to a competitor’s product.
Product profile pageviews profile These are views of your G2 product profile page. This activity indicates that a G2 user is specifically researching your product, which means the buyer is further along in their journey.
Sponsored content impressions sponsored Impressions of your sponsored content on G2.com. If available, this includes information about the G2 page that the sponsored content was being hosted on. For example, this could be a competitor’s product profile page.

To find more options for filtering via this custom field, go to the Info tab timeline for your Marketo people and view the details for the G2 Buyer Intent signals in the G2 Pages Viewed field. There, you can identify competitor companies or other phrases that you might want to use for filters.

Where G2 data appears: Marketo people

By default, G2 Buyer Intent data appears in the Info tab of Marketo people. Each Buyer Intent signal increases the numerical count included in the relevant page views field, provides information in the G2 Pages Viewed field detailing the specific G2 pages that the buyer viewed, and adjusts the G2 Market Score.

For example, if a company views a comparison page that includes your product, the numerical count in both the G2 Comparison Pageviews and G2 Total Pageviews fields increases by 1, and the G2 Pages Viewed field details the date the activity occurred and the competitor product that was included in the product comparison.

Custom G2 fields in Marketo display aggregated G2 Buyer Intent activity across the person’s associated company, not activity for a specific Marketo person. The account-level information included in G2 Buyer Intent data means that an individual buyer’s activity can not be tracked directly.


How G2 Buyer Intent data auto-maps to Marketo

Buyer Intent is auto-mapped to your Marketo instance. For existing people, data only auto-maps based on matches of the domain name with information in the G2 Domain custom field.

For example, if a buyer with the domain companyx.com generates a Buyer Intent signal, this integration would only match the signal to people with companyx.com listed in the G2 Domain custom field.

Refer to the Implementation documentation to ensure that the G2 Domain custom field is populated whenever possible. This improves the G2 Buyer Intent auto-mapping process.

Buyer Intent is company-level (or account-level) information. Due to the people-oriented nature of Marketo, a single Buyer Intent signal generated by a company maps to all people with the same domain information across your Marketo instance. Multiple Buyer Intent signals can be mapped to a single Marketo person.

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