G2 Buyer Intent data and LinkedIn audience segments
  • 06 May 2022
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G2 Buyer Intent data and LinkedIn audience segments

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G2 Buyer Intent captures enriched data about buyers researching your product across G2. Buyer Intent signals can be generated by a variety of buyer actions, including interacting with your G2 product profile page, comparing your product to a competitor, and viewing alternatives for a product in a shared category. This data enables your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to identify a buyer's stage in the buyer journey.

The G2 Buyer Intent signals available to this integration depend on your G2 plan.

Refer to G2’s plan information and contact your G2 representative to learn more.

Build LinkedIn audience segments

The LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration uses specific keywords and properties to filter Buyer Intent data. Understanding your filtering options ensures that you are prepared to leverage G2 Buyer Intent while building LinkedIn audience segments.

Segments take approximately 48 hours to build in LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Build time can vary depending on the size of an audience segment.

Segment filters


The following Buyer Intent signals are potentially available as filters.

Filter Buyer Intent signals Description
Researched alternatives to {your product name} Alternatives pageviews A buyer viewed a G2 alternatives page for a product in a shared G2 product category. This activity indicates that the buyer is seeking alternatives for a product in your category, but your product is not necessarily being compared directly.
Researched {your product name's} G2 category Category pageviews A buyer viewed a G2 category page featuring your product. G2 categorizes products based on a number of factors, including similar functionality and use case. This activity could indicate that the buyer is in the initial research stage.
Compared {your product name} to other products Comparison pageviews A buyer viewed a G2 comparison page featuring your product. This activity indicates that the buyer is directly comparing your product to a competitor.
Viewed your product profile on G2 Product profile pageviews A buyer viewed your G2 product profile page. This activity indicates that a buyer is researching your product directly.

Sponsored content signals are not available for this integration.

Select the checkbox for each filter you want to use in your LinkedIn audience segment.

You can build an audience segment using any combination of the filters that are available to you. For example, use a combination of the Compared {product name} to other products and Viewed your product profile on G2 filters to build an audience segment focused on buyers that are at a more advanced stage of the purchasing process.

LinkedIn audience segments must contain at least 300 members.

The Accounts found number shows a live count of how many G2-listed organizations match your current filter criteria. This number does not represent how many companies will be successfully mapped to LinkedIn, or how many members will be included in the audience segment.

Advanced filters


In addition to the basic Buyer Intent filters, you can use the options in the Advanced filters dropdown to create a more targeted audience segment. Your Buyer Intent signal filters narrow the list of companies to be included in the segment, and then the advanced filters are applied to narrow the list down further.

The following advanced filters are available to use.

Filter Description
Industry Use this option to target companies in specific industries. Select multiple options from the Industry dropdown to include companies from different industries.
Categories* Use this option to target companies with only Buyer Intent related to certain G2 product categories. For example, if your company is included in multiple G2 product categories, you can choose to only include pageviews for a specific category. Filtering your segment by category can help you determine the right approach to take with a potential customer.

* This option is only available if your organization has purchased multiple Buyer Intent categories for a product.
Employee count Use the minimum and maximum employee count options to target companies of a certain size. For example, if you only want to target enterprise-level customers, you might set a minimum employee count of 1,000.

Audience segments update automatically

Once an audience segment is built in my.G2, the audience is potentially updated in LinkedIn every 24 hours when new Buyer Intent is made available. The status of your audience segments updates in both my.G2 and LinkedIn to reflect whether the list is being updated based on the latest G2 data.


To stop an audience segment from receiving Buyer Intent updates, select the Active slider to change it to Not Active. The audience segment will still be available to use in LinkedIn Campaign Manager, but it will not be updated again by G2 unless you change the slider back to Active status.

Lookback window

The lookback window in my.G2 establishes the cutoff date for the Buyer Intent data that will be included in your LinkedIn audience segment. If you choose to keep a segment active, new audience matches will continually be added in LinkedIn based on your Buyer Intent signals.

For example, if your lookback window is set to October 1, 2021 and your audience segement is active, all Buyer Intent signals from that date forward will potentially be matched in LinkedIn. Default lookback window options such as 30 Days and 6 Months set a cutoff date in the same way, which means the original date remains in place after the audience segment is created.

If you want more recent Buyer Intent data feeding your LinkedIn audience segments, you can edit the lookback window of your existing segments in my.G2.


Where G2-built audience segments appear in LinkedIn Campaign Manager

The audience segments you build in my.G2 appear in the Matched Audiences section of LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

To find your audience segments:

  1. Go to LinkedIn Campaign Manager and access the ad account used to create your audience segment. Only the ad account used to create a segment in my.G2 makes the segment available in LinkedIn.
  2. Select ACCOUNT ASSETS > Matched Audiences.
  3. G2-built audience segments are labeled as Third-party: G2 Crowd. To more easily find these audience segments, open the Data source dropdown and select Third party as a filter.


How G2 Buyer Intent data maps to LinkedIn Campaign Manager

When you build an audience segment in my.G2, G2 maps Buyer Intent data to companies on LinkedIn. Data only maps based on matches of the domain name with the LinkedIn website information for the companies.

For example, if a buyer with the domain companyx.com generates a Buyer Intent signal, this integration would only match the signal to an organization with companyx.com listed in the LinkedIn Website field.


In my.G2, you can review the Match Count and Match Rate columns for your audience segments. This information shows how many organizations have been mapped to LinkedIn for the previous seven days and the percentage of the companies that were mapped compared to the number that generated G2 Buyer Intent data.


You can use LinkedIn Campaign Manager’s capabilities and data to further narrow the audience based on criteria such as location, user seniority, and role.

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