G2 Clicks
  • 05 Jan 2024
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G2 Clicks

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Article Summary

G2 Clicks (beta) is only available for free G2 product profiles. Products subscribed to a G2 plan receive all benefits of G2 Clicks by default.

G2 Clicks is a subscription-free, pay-per-click (PPC) offering that enables you to capture buyer interest by adding your website link to your G2 profile page and category page listing(s).

G2 Clicks demo

To access pay per click, go to my.G2, then select G2 Clicks.

G2 does not support “pay for placement” — G2 Clicks has no impact on your product’s ranking on category pages or inclusion in G2 Market Reports.

Basics of G2 Clicks

Where your website link appears on G2

Links to your product’s website can appear on your G2 profile page and your category page listing(s) based on your selected configuration.

Product profile

G2 adds a Visit company website CTA and a link in the Details section of your product profile page.

Profile location top right corner CTA and product website link in the company details section

Category page

G2 adds a Visit company website CTA to your category page listing.

CTA is in the bottom right corner of the product listing on the category page

Cost and billing

G2 uses PPC data from SEMRush to determine the value of a click for each of your product’s G2 categories. To access the cost per click for eligible G2 pages, go to G2 Clicks > Manage Plan, then scroll to the Placement Settings table.

Placement settings table preview

The Placement Settings table contains the following columns to help you estimate spend:

  • Page: The G2 page that includes the link to your website.
  • Monthly Traffic: The average monthly traffic to the page.
  • Position: The current page rank for your product. This value is only reported for category pages.
  • Est. Monthly Clicks: An estimated number of monthly clicks you will receive based on page traffic and position.
  • USD / Click: The SEMRush PPC value for each page. USD / click is standardized for each category and does not vary based on your product’s ranking in the category. The cost per click for your product page is set by your product’s main G2 category.
  • Est. Monthly Cost: An estimated monthly cost per page based on estimated clicks and cost per click.

G2 Clicks is billed monthly and your credit card will be charged automatically on the 2nd of the following month. To access your invoices, go to my.G2, then G2 Clicks > Invoices.

G2 lists each invoice and basic invoice details. To view an invoice, select View


To set up G2 Clicks:

  1. Go to my.G2, then navigate to G2 Clicks > Manage Plan.
  2. In the Payment Method panel, enter your credit card details, then select Add Credit Card.

G2 accepts the following credit card payment processors:

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners, UnionPay

Payments are processed by a third party. G2 does not retain any payment information. To ensure PCI DSS compliance, G2 has completed a PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), which can be provided upon request.

  1. In the Placement Settings panel, select the checkbox for each page you want your website link to appear, then select Save Placement Settings. For more information, refer to the Where your website link appears on G2 section.
  2. In the Monthly Budget Options section, enter a Soft Limit (optional) and a Hard limit.

When the soft limit is reached, all my.G2 admins for your product will receive an email notification. When the hard limit is exceeded, all links to your website will be removed.

  1. In the Subscription Status panel, read and accept the G2 Clicks agreement, then select Enroll and Activate.

You can also set UTM parameters for your website URL to track clicks in your analytics platform. For more information, refer to the UTM Params section of the Product Information documentation.


To track the performance of G2 Clicks, go to my.G2, then G2 Clicks > Clicks and Spend History.

G2 Clicks demo

The analytics tiles provide high-level information, including the projected clicks for the next 30 days, the number of clicks from the past 30 days, and your total spend for the current billing cycle.

There are three Analytics tiles

The Click Analytics and History charts show trends in clicks over time.

There are two clicks analytics and history charts that show spend over time and clicks over time

The corresponding table shows detailed information about each click, including the click source, price, and whether the click was a test click from a member of your organization.

Preview of the analytics table

If a user clicks on your product website link multiple times within a 12-hour interval, G2 records the duplicate clicks in the Duplicate column and you will not be charged.

Canceling your subscription

You may cancel your G2 Clicks subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, go to my.G2, navigate to G2 Clicks > Manage Plan, then from the Subscription Status panel, select Disable Plan.

Disable preview

After cancellation, your website links will immediately be removed from all G2 pages. Any preexisting unpaid clicks will be billed during the next invoice cycle.

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