Interactive Demo
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Interactive Demo

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Article summary

Interactive Demo enables you to highlight your product’s key features via a self-guided tour embedded directly on your G2 product profile.

example demo

Interactive product demos are typically created through dedicated product tour marketing platforms. For more information on supported platforms, refer to the Supported partners section.

Basics of Interactive Demo

Where demos appear on your profile

Interactive demos are displayed in the Media section of your G2 product profile.

demo listing on profile

When a buyer selects Try demo, your demo appears within a lightbox.

display demo

If you want to draw additional attention to your demo, you can create a custom CTA that links to your demo directly.

optional CTA to demo

For more information on adding a custom CTA to your product profile, refer to the CTA settings section of the Leads documentation.

Supported partners

To view the list of supported platforms, go to my.G2, then navigate to Product Information > Interactive Demo.

G2 is constantly updating its list of supported product demo platforms.

If your product demo platform is not currently supported, please contact your G2 representative to learn more about adding demos from unsupported platforms to your product profile.

Adding a demo to your G2 product profile

add demo

To add a demo:

  1. Go to my.G2, then navigate to Product Information > Interactive Demo.
  2. Select Add Demo.
  3. In the Demo URL field, enter the direct URL for your product demo provided by your demo platform.

If your product demos are created using Tourial, you might need to modify your live demo URL to work with Interactive Demo. For more information, refer to Tourial's Add a tour to your G2 Product Profile documentation.

  1. In the Demo Preview Image section, select Upload file to add a thumbnail for your demo. Your thumbnail image should have an aspect ratio of 1.5:1 (for example, 900 x 600 pixels).
  2. Select Save. Your demo will immediately be live on your G2 product profile.