Monty for Sales
  • 04 Mar 2024
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Monty for Sales

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Article Summary

Monty for Sales is currently in limited beta. For more information, please contact your G2 representative.

The Monty for Sales tab enables you to manage the content that Monty uses to respond to buyers.

Monty for sales demo

To access the Monty for Sales tab, go to my.G2, then Product Profile > Monty for Sales

Basics of Monty for Sales

By default, your product profile displays G2's product recommendation assistant, which interprets a buyer's needs and helps direct them to the right software solution within G2's full product catalog.

The default experience shows an assistant that will ask the issue for their software needs and requirements

Activating Monty for Sales replaces the product recommendation assistant with an AI sales assistant whose goal is to exclusively sell your product.

Monty for Sales is a friendly AI selling assistant built on G2's proprietary AI platform and OpenAI's ChatGPT. Armed with your organization's content and G2 marketplace data, Monty autonomously sells your software directly from your G2 product profile.

A user can chat with Monty by selecting Chat with an Expert.

Monty's goal is to push buyers down the funnel and will display your G2 lead form in chat when the buyer is ready to convert. To learn about Monty's performance metrics, refer to the Performance section.

G2 also enables you to leverage Monty on your own website via an embed code. For more information, please contact your G2 representative.

Training content

Monty learns how to sell your software based on your organization's content. Refer to the Add content section for more information.

G2 recommends providing 10-20 pieces of content to train your Monty effectively, including:

  • Transcripts of your top sales calls and webinars, which can be downloaded directly from call recording platforms such as Gong or Zoom.
  • Objection handling and battle cards that describe how your product should be positioned against competitors.
  • Case studies and customer proof that demonstrate ROI.
  • Pricing and packaging details.
  • Sales enablement content used to onboard new sales representatives at your organization.
  • Documentation that answers frequently asked questions about your product's functionality.

You should think of Monty as a member of you sales team and use the same content that you use to train human representatives to sell your product.


Monty for Sales is a subscriptionless, pay-per-chat offering. G2 sets the value of a chat using SEMRush industry standards for PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on your product's main G2 category. You can access the price per chat for your product from the Manage Plan tab on the Monty for Sales page.

G2 customers on a Core annual plan automatically receive $250 in free chat credits to trial Monty. You may cancel Monty for Sales whenever you'd like, and your payment method will not be charged until your free credits have been used.

You will be invoiced based on usage and automatically charged monthly. Invoices will be processed on the 2nd of the following month.


1. Add content

Upload content to Monty by selecting Add Content, then adding URLs or files.

To add content:

  1. Go to my.G2, then Product Information > Monty for Sales.
  2. Drag and drop files from your device directly into the Files section, or paste a list of URLs into the Website Content section. Each URL must be on a new line.
  3. Select Add Content.

G2 queues each piece of content for processing and automatically assigns a content type.

2. Preview Monty

Once you've uploaded some content, you can begin testing Monty directly from the Monty for Sales page by selecting Preview Monty for Sales.

Select preview to begin a chat with Monty.

Monty answers questions based on the content you provide. If Monty gets a question wrong, try supplementing or adjusting the content you uploaded in the previous step.

3. Activate Monty on your G2 profile

To activate Monty for sales, navigate to Manage Plan tab.

The Manage Plan tab preview

The Manage Plan tab enables you to view the price per conversation, set limits for spend, and enter a payment method.

To activate Monty for Sales:

  1. (Optional) Enter a soft and hard limit for spend. When your
  2. In the Payment Method panel, enter a credit card.
  3. From the Plan Status section, accept the Monty for Sales agreement.
  4. Select Activate. Monty for Sales will immediately be active on your G2 profile.

For information on how pricing is calculated or how G2 handles invoicing, refer to the Pricing section.


Once Monty is live, you can access reporting from the Performance tab.

The Performance over time chart displays the total number of conversations Monty has had with buyers and any actions taken (such as lead form submission or website clicks) for the chosen interval.

Performance tab preview

G2 also reports more detailed metrics in the Conversations and Links Clicked panels, including the average number of buyer messages per conversation, the content most used to answer buyer questions, and the conversion rate for across all chats in your chosen interval.

Detailed conversation metrics for Monty for Sales

The Conversation History table lists each chat, the total number of responses, the amount of content used, and a link to view the full conversation.

The Conversation History table