• 22 Jul 2021
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HubSpot workflows enable your organization to automate its marketing and sales strategies. With the G2 HubSpot integration, you can utilize G2 Buyer Intent data to trigger workflows.

For example, you can create a workflow that automatically sends a specific marketing email when a contact has viewed a G2 comparison page for your product and a competitor’s product. This automation allows your organization to automatically identify the customers you want to target as part of an account-based marketing strategy or general sales qualification process, and then supply the marketing and sales content for those specific customers.

After learning about workflows, review the HubSpot emails with G2 marketing content section to learn how you can enhance your email campaigns with G2 badges and other items. These G2-enhanced emails can then be sent as part of workflows.

HubSpot resources for creating workflows

To gain more in-depth knowledge of how to create HubSpot workflows, review the following HubSpot resources:

  • General HubSpot workflows documentation: This includes a number of documentation resources around HubSpot workflows.
  • Use custom code actions in workflows documentation: If you cannot create a desired workflow using existing options, HubSpot offers the option to create workflow actions with custom code.
  • Workflows deep dive lesson: This HubSpot Academy resource provides a series of video lessons around workflows. A HubSpot log-in is required.

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