Report Library
  • 23 Aug 2023
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Report Library

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Article Summary

Report Library enables you to filter, sort, and access each G2 Market Report that features your product, including Grid Reports, Index Reports, and Compare Reports.


For more information on the inclusion criteria and scoring for Market Reports, refer to G2’s Research Scoring and Methodologies guide.

To access Report Library, go to my.G2, then navigate to Marketing Content > Report Library.

Quarterly reports

The Quarterly tab groups each of your G2 Market Reports by reporting season.


G2 also also displays a preview of report drafts for the upcoming report season when they become available.

Screenshot of the report draft preview in the Quarterly tab.

For each report, G2 includes your product's rank on the report, the rank change from the previous report (if applicable), and any Badges earned.

rank change

If your product qualified for a specific report for the first time, G2 highlights the report with a NEW indicator.

To access more details about a report, select See Details.

report info

You must license a report or have an active G2 content subscription in order to access the detailed report page.

locked report

For more information on licensing reports, please contact your G2 sales representative.

Select Copy link to copy a shareable URL for the report to your clipboard.

copy report link

You can directly download or access the embed code for each Badge associated with the report by selecting Download Badge.

embed badge

Refer to the G2 Badges documentation for more information on using Badges.

G2 also charts your product's change in rank on the report over the past five quarters.

change in ranks

Filter and sort reports

You can use the filter panel to quickly find reports.

find reports with filtering

G2 offers the following filter options:

  • Report type: Filter reports by type.
  • Company size: Filter reports by market segment.
  • Category: Filter reports by G2 category.
  • Season: Filter reports by season.
  • Competitors: Find reports that include specific competitors from a shared G2 category.

The competitors filter acts as an AND filter – a report must include all of the selected competitors to be returned in the results.

You can sort reports by rank or title by selecting the corresponding column.

sort reports

Compare reports

The Compare tab includes each of your licensed G2 Compare reports.

compare reports

For more information on generating a compare report, please contact your G2 representative.

G2 report dates

Refer to G2's Research Agenda to find key dates for upcoming G2 reports, including review submission deadlines and report publication dates.

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