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  • 29 Aug 2022
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Report Library

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The Report Library page serves as a repository for all your G2 Reports, including Grid Reports, Index Reports, and Compare Reports. Use the Report Library to easily find specific reports to share with individual customers or use as part of marketing campaigns.

Reports are licensed at the level of G2 product categories. If your organization has not licensed a category, a report within that category will not be available to share with buyers.

For more information on licensing reports, please contact your G2 sales representative.

Sharing reports

Licensing a report from G2 enables you to direct buyers to your G2 marketing content without requiring them to sign in to a G2 account.

To copy the share link for a licensed report to your clipboard, select the Copy link option. Do not remove the query parameters (for example, ?secure%5Bpid%5D=25485) from the URL, as this disables ungated access for your buyer.

Copy your report link

Copy your report link

Whenever a shared link is opened, the view count for the corresponding report goes up. For more information on traffic to your licensed reports, refer to G2’s Documents documentation.

Sorting reports


Each report shows where your product ranked against competitor products. Directional arrows and adjacent numbers indicate how your product’s ranking changed relative to the previous edition of the same report.

To sort your reports by rank, select the Rank column header.

Sort your reports by rank


The “Best Reports for…” section shows the most recent reports available for your product. To find a specific report, you can also use any combination of several filters.

Report types

Filter by report types

If your product is listed in multiple report types, you can search for a specific type using the Report Types filter. For more information about the inclusion criteria for each report type, refer to G2’s Research Scoring Methodologies.

Company sizes

Filter by company segments

G2 products can qualify for inclusion in reports per market segment. Only reviews from users within a specific market segment are included in the segmented report.

G2 defines the following market segments:

  • All Company Sizes: Includes reviews from all company segments.
  • Small-Business: The reviewers work at companies with 50 or fewer employees.
  • Mid-Market: The reviewers work at companies with 51–1,000 employees.
  • Enterprise: The reviewers work at companies with 1,001+ employees.


Filter by your product categories

Your product can qualify for inclusion in a report for each G2 product category in which it is listed, if G2 considers the category to be data ready. For more information about the inclusion criteria for each report type, refer to G2’s Research Scoring Methodologies.

Report seasons

Filter by report seasons

Filter your reports by season to ensure that you are using recent versions of reports, or view older reports to track how your product’s ranking has changed over time.


Filter by mentions of your product competitors

Filter your reports by products to highlight your position in G2 reports against specific competitors. The products available in the Competitors filter are the same products that you share a G2 category with.

G2 report dates

Refer to G2's Research Agenda to find key dates for upcoming G2 reports, including review submission deadlines and report publication dates.

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