ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts
  • 11 Dec 2023
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ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts

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Article summary

The G2 + ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts integration surfaces contacts at organizations with G2 Buyer Intent activity based on your ideal customer profile.

image of zoominfo contact data on the buyer intent page

If you already subscribe to both ZoomInfo and G2 Buyer Intent, you should use the G2 + ZoomInfo integration.

Basics of the G2 + ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts integration

This integration is available to all G2 Buyer Intent data customers. Up to 20 users can trial this integration for each of your organization's G2-listed profiles.

Once activated, your user account can access up to 50 contacts per month for a six-month trial period.

Each user’s trial period ends six months after they activate the integration.


This section details every step you need to take to implement the G2 + ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts integration.

1. Activate the integration

image of integration toggle set to active

To activate the integration:

  1. Go to my.G2, then Integrations > Integration Hub.
  2. Select the ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts tile.
  3. Set the Turn on Integration slider to Active.

:::(Info) Activating the ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts integration deactivates the G2 + LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration for your user account. You can switch between prospecting integrations at any time.

(Optional) 2. Configure suggested contacts

By configuring your suggested contacts in the G2 + ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts integration, you can refine the contacts surfaced for a buyer organization by job title, role, and location.

image of configure suggested contacts section

Configuring suggested contacts is optional. If you choose not to apply contact filters, all contacts at an organization will appear by default.

To configure your suggested contacts, in the Configure Suggested Contacts panel, select Edit, then define your ideal customer profile using the Department, Job Function, Management Level, Country, or State filters.

Revealing suggested contacts

G2 populates suggested contacts from ZoomInfo in the detailed company activity page of the Buyer Intent tab.

image of suggested contacts on the buyer intent activity page

Refer to the Buyer Intent documentation for more information on using the Buyer Intent tab in my.G2.

To reveal a contact, select the corresponding checkbox, then select Reveal contacts. Revealed contacts expire after 30 days.

Accessing revealed contacts

You can access revealed contacts for a specific organization by navigating to the corresponding detailed company activity page in the Buyer Intent tab.

image of zoominfo contact data on the buyer intent page

To access the full list of revealed contacts from this integration, navigate to Integrations > Integration Hub > ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts. Contacts appear within the Target Suggested Contacts panel.

image showing download CSV button

For each contact, you can select See Details to access their organization’s full Buyer Intent activity in my.G2.

image highlighting see details button

To export the full list of contacts, select Download CSV.