Basics of the G2 HubSpot integration
  • 23 Jul 2021
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Basics of the G2 HubSpot integration

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The G2 HubSpot integration app houses G2 data in a G2 customer organization’s HubSpot environment. This app is not a separate application on Windows/macOS, and it is not downloaded from the iOS or Android app stores. Instead, the G2 HubSpot connected app can be viewed as a framework to help deliver data from an external source (in this case, G2) to a HubSpot environment via APIs and authentication protocols.

How G2 data flows throughout HubSpot

When assessing the usefulness of the G2 HubSpot integration for your organization, it is critical to understand where G2 data lives within HubSpot by default, and how that data can be used throughout the HubSpot environment.

G2 delivers company-level Buyer Intent data, which means that Buyer Intent signals are displayed across the activity timelines for all HubSpot contacts associated to a company.

Once enabled, G2 Buyer Intent data displays on HubSpot activity timelines for both companies and contacts by default.

G2 data can also be used as filters when creating HubSpot lists, workflows, and reports. The following diagram shows how G2 data can be used through HubSpot.


You must enable the G2 HubSpot integration to receive Buyer Intent data in your HubSpot environment, but you can use G2 marketing content even without enabling the integration. Review the HubSpot emails with G2 marketing content and HubSpot website and landing pages with G2 marketing content sections to learn more.

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