G2 Reference Builder
  • 14 Feb 2022
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G2 Reference Builder

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The G2 Reference Builder tab enables you to create and share custom Reference Pages. Use Reference Pages to highlight your favorite G2 reviews on a shareable, branded web page that can be customized for your target audience. Reference Pages can also contain supplemental content including G2 Market Reports and your organization’s marketing media, such as downloadable files and video embeds.

You can also create, modify and share Reference Pages in my.G2. Reference Pages created in my.G2 sync to your Salesforce environment and can be accessed in the G2 Folders tab and the G2 Reference Builder tab. For more information on creating Reference Pages in my.G2, refer to G2’s Reference Pages documentation.

Reviews available for Reference Pages

As part of the review process on G2.com, reviewers are asked the following question to give permission for use of their review in your marketing content:

Allow my review to show my name and face in the G2 community.

Only reviewers who answer Yes to this question can be added to Reference Pages.

Creating a new Reference Page

You cannot add Crowd Quotes to Reference Pages via the G2 CRM Connector for Salesforce. For more information on adding Crowd Quotes, refer to G2’s Crowd Quotes and Reference Pages documentation.

To create a new Reference Page:

  1. Go to the G2 Reference Builder tab, then select Create New Reference.

If your organization has multiple products, select the individual product that will be highlighted in the Reference Page using the dropdown.

  1. Select the + for each review you want to include on the Reference Page. To undo a selection, select the checkmark. At least five reviews must be selected to build a Reference Page.

You can also use Select All in View to include every review listed in the current view. This option can be useful when using a combination of search terms and filters to find reviews. For more details searching and filtering reviews in Salesforce, refer to the G2 Folders documentation.

  1. When done selecting reviews, select Next.

  2. Enter the following information:

    • Reference Page Name: Enter a title for the Reference Page. This title is public and appears at the top of your Reference Page, next to your product logo
    • Banner Image: Select Upload Files to choose an image that will be displayed as a banner across the top of the Reference Page. Images should be 1500px by 400px, and can only be uploaded from your local device.
    • Add Video Url (optional): Select this option to paste in a URL for a video you want to include from YouTube, Vidyard, Vimeo, or Wistia. Multiple videos can be linked by repeatedly selecting Add Video Url.
    • Add Download (optional): Select this option to add downloadable content, such as G2 Reports or your organization’s marketing media. Multiple pieces of content can be uploaded by selecting Add Download repeatedly. Content can only be uploaded from your local device.

  3. Select Save to create the Reference Page. The newly built Reference Page appears in the G2 Reference Builder tab.Reference Pages can also be found in the Content Library of the G2 Folders tab.

To edit a Reference Page, go to G2 Reference Builder, then select Edit Reference.

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