• 17 Jun 2022
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The G2 + Slack integration delivers notifications for G2 reviews directly to your organization’s Slack workspace.

G2 recommends using the Review Activity tab in my.G2 to comment on your product reviews. Buyers respond more favorably to product reviews when the seller consistently engages with reviewers.

This integration only sends notifications to one Slack workspace at a time, but notifications can be delivered to as many public Slack channels within that workspace as you want.

Private Slack channels are not available to use with this integration.


This section details every step you need to take to implement the Slack integration.

1. Authenticate

To authorize G2 to access your Slack workspace for use with this integration:

  1. Go to my.G2, then Integrations > Integration Hub.
  2. Select the Slack tile.
  3. Select Authenticate Now. If not already logged into Slack, you will be prompted to enter the URL for your Slack workspace and sign in with your Slack user credentials.
  4. Review the permissions G2 requires to access your workspace, then select Allow to complete the authentication process.

Review the authentication permissions

  1. Confirm that the Integration Status slider is set to Active.

Ensure that the integration is active

2. Configure notifications

With your organization authenticated, you need to define your product notifications for Slack:

  1. Select Edit Configuration.
  2. Select Add a field.
  3. Enter a value into each of the following columns to set your notification criteria:
    • Product: Choose the G2-listed product that you want to receive reviews notifications for. You can monitor reviews for any G2-listed products, not just your own.
    • Label: Choose the Slack channel where you want to receive notifications. Only public channels are available to use with this integration.
    • Review Score Range: By default, G2 notifies you of all reviews. If you only want to receive notifications for reviews with a certain rating, select a minimum and maximum score.

      For example, responding to negative reviews shows buyers that your organization is attentive and open to feedback. Setting the review score range from 0-6 notifies your channel about reviews from detractors, enabling you to address them in a timely manner.

Set your Slack notifications

  1. Repeat step 3 to add more notifications.
  2. Select Save.

Receiving notifications

When a G2 review matches your criteria, the G2 for Slack app posts a message to your selected channels. Select Read More to view the entire review on

Check out what Slack notifications look like