Review Activity
  • 20 Jul 2022
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Review Activity

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The Review Activity page helps you monitor, analyze, and respond to your product’s G2 reviews directly from my.G2. Review Activity enables you to find reviews and take action, from setting up email notifications to using review filters.

Overview of Review Activity page

Setting review notifications

To set up email notifications for new reviews that G2 has approved:

  1. Select the email settings icon.
  2. Confirm your email address is correct.
  3. Choose how often you would like to be notified.
  4. Select Save.

Set up a G2 review notification

Email notifications can only be set for the product you are currently viewing in my.G2. If your organization has multiple G2-listed products, use the product dropdown to switch between products, then set up a new email notification.

Change your G2 product

Responding to G2 reviews

Select Read review to view an entire review.

Read your product reviews

G2 recommends responding to positive and negative reviews to show buyers that you take customer feedback seriously. Responses are labeled with your name and organization, and are published below the corresponding review on

To better respond to product feedback, you can also provide a link to a resource as part of your response. The link text is standardized to 'See how < your-product-name > improved.'

Open the Show response tips dropdown for best practices on responding to different types of feedback.

Respond to your product reviews

Select Preview to view your response's appearance when live, then select Post Response to publish your reply to

After submitting a response, a chat icon appears next to Read review for that review. If you open a review that you already responded to, you can edit or delete the response.

Reviews are marked as read

Downloading review data

The date range and other filters that you select for this page change the reviews that are included in the downloaded CSV.

Select Download CSV to download your product's G2 review data. The CSV contains the same information as the table in the Review Activity page.

Download your reviews data

Sorting reviews


Read and unread filter

Reviews can be filtered by their read status. While using the default All view, you can see how many of your product’s reviews are unread. The number of unread reviews changes in response to your review filters.

Unread reviews count

To find the reviews that your organization has not read, select Unread.

Scoring filters

Filter reviews in various ways

You can sort your G2 reviews by several factors, including recency, how helpful other buyers found reviews, and the highest or lowest product ratings.

To learn more about the G2 Sort option, refer to G2’s Research Scoring Methodologies.


You can also use the filter dropdowns to find specific G2 reviews.


Filter by ratings

The Ratings filter enables you to find reviews with a certain G2 Star Rating.

Approval Status

Filter by the review status

All G2 reviews undergo a moderation process to ensure that reviewers are authentic product users and that G2’s review guidelines are met. Use the Approval Status filter to find reviews based on their current moderation status.

Refer to G2’s Community Guidelines for more details about the review moderation process.

Review Source

Filter by the source

If you want to track where G2 reviews are being generated from, use the options in the Review Source filter:

  • Organic: These reviews are generated without invitation from G2 or your organization.
  • G2 invite: These reviews are submitted via a G2 landing page as a result of an invitation from G2.
  • G2 invite on behalf of seller: These reviews are submitted as part of incentivized G2 review campaigns on your organization’s behalf.
  • Seller invite: These reviews are incentivized by your organization.
  • In-app: These reviews are generated via G2 integration options such as Delighted, Medallia, and Pendo, as well as G2 in-app review prompts.
  • G2 Gives Campaign: These reviews are submitted as part of the incentivized G2 Gives program.


Filter by the geographic region

Use the Region filter to find reviews based on the location of the reviewer.

To determine which countries are included in each region, refer to G2’s Research Scoring Methodologies.

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