• 06 Sep 2022
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Notifications enables you to take immediate action on expiring landing pages, new reviews, and more by offering personalized updates for your products listed on G2.

notifications demo

Notifications appear within your individual my.G2 user account. Your notification activity, including viewing notifications and modifying your notification criteria, does not impact notifications for other members of your organization.

Viewing your notifications

To access Notifications, go to my.G2, then select the Notifications icon.

notifications access

Select a notification to go to the corresponding admin page in my.G2. For example, selecting an expiring landing page notification brings you to Landing Page Settings, where you can update the expiration date or add campaign funds directly.

notifications demo

Viewing a notification marks it as read. You can also mark notifications in bulk by selecting Mark all as read.

notifications read all

Managing your notifications

You can manage Notifications to only receive updates that are relevant to your role. To define your notification criteria, open the Notifications panel, then select the settings icon.

notifications modify

For each notification type you want to receive, set the corresponding slider to ON.

You must set your notification criteria for each product you can access in my.G2. To switch between your products, use the dropdown at the top of any page in my.G2.

notifications check products

Notification types

New review

Receive a notification each time a new review is published on your G2 product profile.

notifications reviews

Select the notification to access the full review in the Review Activity tab, where you can directly share or respond to the review.

For more information, refer to the Review Activity documentation.

Expiring landing page

Receive a notification when your Review Campaign landing pages are due to expire in 30 days.

notifications old review landing page

Select the notification to access the corresponding Landing Page Settings from your Campaign Dashboard, where you can update the expiration date or add campaign funds directly.

For more information, refer to the Review Campaigns and Campaign Dashboard documentation.

Report release notification

Receive a notification 30 days before new G2 Reports are released.

notifications grid

Select the notification to access the Competitors tab, where you can view your G2 Grid® placement.

For more information on the inclusion criteria and scoring for G2 Reports, refer to the Research Scoring and Methodologies guide.

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