Request a Review Campaign
  • 15 Sep 2023
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Request a Review Campaign

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Article Summary

G2 Review Campaigns help you collect reviews from your users by leveraging the experience of G2’s campaign specialists. Use G2 Review Campaigns to generate a stream of new reviews in order to inspire trust from buyers, improve your category ranking, and help your product qualify for inclusion in G2’s Market Reports and Best Software Reports.

For more information on the inclusion criteria and scoring for Market Reports and Best of Lists, refer to G2’s Research Scoring Methodologies guide.

Basics of G2 Review Campaigns

Each G2 Review Campaign consists of a standardized three-email sequence that features your product logo, describes your chosen incentive, and links to a branded review-collection landing page. Once a user leaves a review, they are unsubscribed from the remaining campaign emails.

The Write a Review button in the following example links to a landing page for a G2 Marketing Solutions example review campaign.

G2 offers several incentive options, including gift cards, charitable donations, and the ability to bring your own non-profit (BYONP). For more information on G2’s BYONP program, please contact your G2 representative.

If a reviewer is based in a location that does not support your chosen gift card, they are presented with a country-specific alternative.

Requesting a new campaign

You can initiate a new campaign via the self-service Request a Review Campaign tab.


The Request a Review Campaign tab is only available for campaigns managed by G2. For more information on initiating a self-managed campaign, please contact your G2 representative.

Before getting started

Make sure you have a list of user names and emails to include in your campaign. G2 recommends targeting current product users who come from a variety of industries and market segments.

Submitting your campaign request

To submit a campaign request:

  1. Go to my.G2, then Review Management > Request a Review Campaign.
  2. Choose a Desired Start Date for your campaign.

To maximize engagement, G2 sends review campaign emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays. G2's campaign specialists require two business days of lead time before initiating your campaign.

  1. (Optional) If G2 has already created a landing page for a previous campaign, you can use it for your new campaign by selecting it from the Select Available Campaign dropdown. If you don't have an existing landing page available, or want to use a different landing page, leave this field blank, and G2 will create a new one for you.

To be included in the Select Available Campaign dropdown, your landing page must have a balance of at least $100. For more information on adding funds to your landing page, refer to the Campaign Dashboard documentation.

  1. Select Download template to download a CSV containing the correct formatting for your campaign data.

csv template

  1. Open the downloaded CSV, then add the first names and emails of your customers to the corresponding columns of the template.

G2 does not review your customer data after upload. Ensure the First Name column does not include any other information, such as last name or company name. If you do not have a first name for a customer, please leave the corresponding field blank. G2 does not recommend including additional fields or columns to your template.

  1. Verify your information, then select Upload CSV to upload the CSV from step 5.

upload customer list

  1. (Optional) Add notes to the Special Requests field to help G2's campaign specialists coordinate your campaign. For example, you can include the country or time zone where most of your users are located* so that campaign emails are sent at the optimal time.
  2. Enter your full name and business email into the corresponding Your Contact Info fields. G2 will send questions and updates regarding your campaign to this email address.
  3. (Optional) If running an incentivized campaign, use the Gift Card Specifications field to provide details about the gift card you want reviewers to receive.

incentive details

  1. Select Submit to submit your campaign request. If you selected an existing landing page in step 3, you will receive confirmation when your campaign begins. Otherwise, G2’s Customer Review Campaign team will contact you within two business before your campaign start date to verify campaign details and discuss next steps.

If you need to make any changes to your campaign after submission, please contact your G2 representative.

For more information on tracking and managing your active Review Campaigns, refer to G2's Campaign Dashboard documentation.