Profile Activity
  • 07 Aug 2023
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Profile Activity

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Article Summary

The Profile Activity page collects several types of traffic analytics measuring your product’s performance on G2, enabling you to track activity changes over time and compare your traffic to your competitors.


Viewing your G2 activity

To view your traffic data, go to my.G2, then Analytics > Profile Activity. Traffic is displayed based on your selected timeframe. Select a default option, or enter a Custom date range.

choose dates

Directional arrows and adjacent percentages indicate how your traffic has changed over time.

The percent change is relative to the timeframe you select. For example, if you select a 30-day timeframe, G2 compares the traffic for the current 30-day interval to the previous 30-day interval.

If you select a custom timeframe, G2 calculates the number of days in your timeframe, then compares your timeframe to the same interval preceding your start date.

To quickly access the traffic data from the previous interval, hover your cursor over the percentage.

last period data

G2 plots your traffic on a graph and displays the data collected during each calendar week within your interval. Hover over a data point to reveal the traffic for the corresponding week.

time points

Activity types

G2 offers the following metrics for tracking your product profile activity during your selected timeframe.

Total pageviewsThe total number of views for any G2 page that includes your product.
These pageviews include visits to your product profile, Reference Pages, and G2 reviews, as well as G2 category pages and comparison pages that include your product.
Compare pageviewsThe number of times buyers viewed a G2 comparison page that included your product.
Time on pageThe number of hours buyers have spent on your G2 product profile.
Reviews takenThe number of G2 reviews published during your selected timeframe.

For more information on generating and tracking your reviews, refer to the Review Campaigns and Campaign Dashboard documentation.
Leads submittedThe number of leads submitted via your G2 product profile during your selected timeframe.

For more information on viewing G2 Leads and configuring your Leads form, refer to the Leads documentation.
CTA / Free trial clicksThe number of CTA clicks during your selected timeframe.

For more information on your G2 product profile CTAs, refer to the CTA settings section of the Leads documentation.
Total Website Redirects from G2The total number of clicks to your website via the Website and Company Website URLs on your G2 product profile.

Competitor activity

G2 enables you to directly compare your product profile traffic to up to three of your competitors.

competitor data

To access competitor traffic data, open the Competitors dropdown, then search for and select the name of your competitors. G2 plots the data for each competitor in a different color, indicated by the legend at the bottom of the graph.

G2 does not display competitor data for Leads submitted, CTA / Free trial clicks, or Total Website Redirects from G2 charts.

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