Review Activity
  • 14 Jun 2024
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Review Activity

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The Review Activity tab enables you to monitor, analyze, and respond to your G2 reviews directly within my.G2.


To access Review Activity, go to my.G2, then navigate to Review Management > Review Activity.

Basics of the Review Activity tab

General analytics

The Review Activity tab reports several data points to provide general insights from your G2 reviews, including the total number of reviews for your product, the number of automatically-updated reviews, and the average star rating.


To help prevent review decay, G2 sends an automated email to your reviewers every six months requesting updated opinions on your product. Reviewers who respond to this email are included in the G2 Automated Review Updates statistic.

For more information on review decay, refer to G2’s Research Scoring Methodologies.

Filtering reviews

Use the filter panel to segment and refine the G2 reviews included in the Review traffic chart and the Reviews found table.

filter reviews

By default, G2 displays reviews from the past six months. To adjust your time interval, select one of the default options, or set a custom range. You can also filter reviews by star rating, moderation status, review source, and region.

Refer to the Approval Status or Review Source sections for more information on the options included in the corresponding filters.

Review filters are dynamic – selecting an option in one filter affects the options available in another filter.

dynamic filter demo

Downloading review data

At any time, you can export your review data to a CSV by selecting Download CSV from the Reviews found table.

review data export

Active filters impact the reviews included in your export. You should confirm your filter selections before downloading your review data.

Review Decay and Review Traffic

The Review Decay tab shows the distribution of your product's reviews relative to G2's review decay algorithm.

An example of the review decay table in the Review Activity panel. G2 divides your reviews into four groups, lists the percent decay associated with reviews at different ages and reports the total number of reviews.

Because recent reviews are more relevant to buyers, older reviews have less weight when calculating your scores for category and Market Report ranking. For more information, refer to the Research Scoring Methodologies.

G2 groups reviews into four key decay periods: 0 - 90 days, 90 days - 12 months, 12 - 24 months, and 24 - 48 months. Hover over the chart to reveal more specific groupings of reviews and their corresponding weights.

G2 groups reviews by month upon hover and reports the total number of reviews in each group, along with the corresponding weight

To access the specific reviews in a decay period, select the number of reviews to apply a filter the Reviews found table.

For example, select the "9 reviews found" button from a section on the review decay chart to filter the reviews found table by the corresponding review.

The Review Traffic tab displays the number of approved reviews over time based on your filter criteria.

chart example

Hover over a date on the horizontal axis to reveal the corresponding number of reviews.

hover demo

The Reviews found table lists all reviews matching your filter criteria. Each row includes basic information about the review, including the reviewer's name, the status in G2's moderation process, the review source, and the incentive status.

reviews table example

Refer to the Approval Status or Review Source sections for more information on how this data is reported.

By default, the Reviews found table lists all reviews matching your filter criteria in chronological order. To change the sort order, use the corresponding dropdown.

sort dropdown most recent

Selecting G2 Sort orders reviews by several factors, including recency, depth, and community engagement. Refer to G2’s Research Scoring Methodologies for more information.

You can also filter by read status by using the corresponding drop down.

read status dropdown all

A review is automatically marked as "read" when any member of your organization reads the review in the Review Activity tab.

Creating email notifications

Setting up email notifications ensures that you can contact references or respond to detractors as soon as their review is published on G2.

To set up email notifications for your product, select the Email Settings icon, then choose a notification frequency.

create review email notification

You must configure review notifications for each of your products listed on G2. To switch between products in my.G2, use the product dropdown.

switching to your product or product suite

Responding to G2 reviews

G2 recommends responding to both positive and negative reviews to show buyers that you take customer feedback seriously.

To respond to a review directly from the Reviews found table, select Read review, then enter your response into the corresponding free-text field.

respond to a review

You can also use the Resource URL field to provide a link to an external resource demonstrating how you took action on the reviewer's feedback. When your response is published, the link text will display as 'See how {your-product-name} improved.'

Responses are labeled with your name and organization, and are published below the corresponding review on G2.

response example

After submitting a response, a chat icon appears next to Read review for that review. If you open a review that you already responded to, you can edit or delete the response.

review activity response icon

Reporting a review concern

If you suspect a review is fraudulent or violates G2’s Community Guidelines, you can submit your concern to G2’s review moderation team.

To report a review directly from the Reviews found table, select Read review, then hover over the ellipsis and select Report a concern.

demonstration showing how to report a review concern in my.G2

Enter a Title, select a Reason from the dropdown, add a Comment, and select Submit Your Concern.

image showing the Submit Your Concern button in my.G2

Your review concern will be reviewed by G2’s moderation team within 2 business days.

G2 review terminology

This section includes a description of common reasons for review rejection as well as a description of G2 review sources.

Approval status

To ensure that G2 reviews maintain authenticity and quality, each review undergoes a manual moderation process by a real person on G2's Moderation team.

Reviews can be rejected for many reasons. The following list includes common review rejection reasons that might appear in the Approval Status column of the Review Activity tab:

Rejection TypeRejection ReasonDescription
UserUnable to confirm the reviewer’s professional backgroundG2's moderation team cannot approve reviews from reviewers who do not have a credible professional background. Reviewers must connect an up-to-date LinkedIn profile or a valid business email address to their G2 profile.
Unable to validate reviewer identityIf any suspicious activity is found on the reviewer's G2 user profile during moderation — such as fake or hacked business emails, fraudulent or incomplete LinkedIn profile information, or an untrustworthy IP address — the reviewer's G2 account is terminated and all pending reviews are automatically rejected.
Reviewer is an employee affiliated with the product's company. Reviewer works for a competitor of the productTo ensure that reviews remain unbiased, G2 does not accept reviews submitted by employees or employees of direct competitors of the reviewed product.
ContentParaphrased or copied content detected in reviewG2 prides itself on providing original reviews. Reviews that already exist, on G2 or elsewhere, at the time of submission violate G2's plagiarism standards, even if they are written by the same reviewer.
Review content lacks detail and does not meet G2 quality standardsReviews must contain information about the reviewed product.
Review content is unclear and does not meet G2 quality standardsReviews that fail to meet readability quality standards, including repeated and/or nonsensical text, cannot be published on G2.
Duplicate review approved from an alternate G2 user accountReviewers can only submit one review for each product, regardless of the G2 account used at the time of submission.
Review content is written with a generative AI toolG2 does not accept reviews generated by AI language models.
UsageUser in violation of reward system rulesAny user account that attempts to abuse the reward system rules will be terminated and all pending reviews are automatically rejected.
Reviewer has used a trial version of the productReviews must reflect the fully completed trial experience of a product. Reviews based on incomplete trial experiences will be rejected.
Review content does not match the product, software, or service reviewedReviews must pertain to the functionalities and features of the reviewed product.
Reviewer used the product/service more than 2 years agoTo ensure reviews accurately reflect the current state and capabilities of the product or service, reviewers must have used the product or service within the past two years.
Unable to confirm legitimate use of the product/serviceReviewers must provide verifiable evidence of their use of the product to maintain authenticity and reliability of the review.
Unable to verify reviewer as a user of the productReviewers must prove that they use the reviewed product in a professional setting, such as by providing screenshots.

Review Source

From G2-managed review campaigns to review collection integrations, G2 offers many sources for collecting new reviews.

The following list includes common review sources that might appear in the Review Source column of the review activity tab.

G2 Gives CampaignThe review was sourced from a G2 Gives campaign that you requested.
G2 inviteG2 intermittently requests reviews from G2 users who have opted in to receive marketing emails from G2. The reviewer chose to write a review for your product after receiving this communication.
G2 invite on behalf of sellerThe review was sourced from one of the G2-managed Review Campaigns that you requested.
In-appThese reviews are generated via G2 in-app prompts or G2 integrations, such as Delighted and Pendo, that you have implemented.
Seller inviteThe review was sourced from a review campaign managed by your organization.

To capture this data, your campaign must send users to a G2-built landing page. For more information on creating a G2 landing page for your campaigns, please contact your G2 representative.

OrganicThe reviewer navigated to your G2 profile and left a review without an invitation from you or G2.
Organic Review from User ProfileThe reviewer added your product to the My Products section of their G2 user profile, then wrote a review.