• 10 Jun 2024
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The Security tab enables you to showcase security and compliance assessments to buyers by adding your security information to your G2 Profile.

demonstration showing how to add security partner URL in my.G2

Basics of security

Supported partners

To display your security information on your G2 product profile, you must have a security profile through one of our supported partners.

You can take advantage of Whistic or SafeBase for free to share your security information on G2.

To view the list of supported security partners, go to my.G2, then navigate to Product Information > Security.

image showing G2 approved security partners in my.g2

G2 supports the following security partners: Whistic, Safebase, Conveyor, Drata, and Vanta.

If your security platform is not currently supported, please contact your G2 representative to request a new security partner.

Where security icons appear on your profile

G2 adds your security information within the Product Information section of your G2 Profile.

image showing security badge on a profile

Buyers can select View Security Information to access your listing in the security partner's catalog.

demo showing security information in partner's catalog

Buyers can request that you add your security information by selecting Let them know.

demo showing let them know button selection

You can access the number of requests for your security information by going to my.G2, then navigate to Product Information > Security.

demo showing security ninformation requests in my.g2

Adding a security partner to your G2 profile

demo showing how to add a security URL in my.g2

G2 offers step-by-step guides for obtaining your public URL from Whistic and SafeBase.

To add a security partner:

  1. Go to my.G2, then navigate to Product Information > Security.
  2. In the Security URL field, enter the URL for your public security profile provided by your security platform.

G2’s URL validator checks the format of the URL to ensure it is a valid public profile link before adding a security badge to your G2 profile. You must enter a complete URL including "https://" to pass validation.

  1. Select Save. Your security badge will immediately appear on your G2 profile.
  2. (Optional) Select the checkbox for each security assessment you have achieved.
  3. Select Save.

demo showing checkbox selection in my.g2


Your Whistic profile must be “Whistic Ready” to connect your G2 Profile with your Whistic security profile.

To qualify for Whistic Ready, your Whistic profile must be published to Whistic’s Trust Catalog, updated within the past year, and contain at least one of the following security assessments:

  • SOC 2 Type I or II
    *ISO 27001 or 27002
  • Whistic’s standard security questionnaire

demo showing how to find your public URL in Whistic

To create a public Whistic profile URL:

  1. Log in to Whistic, then navigate to Whistic Profile > Settings.
  2. Set your Profile Status to Active.
  3. From the Publish to Trust Catalog section, choose your product from the dropdown, then select Publish.
  4. From the Profile Link section, set the Enable toggle to the active position.
  5. From the Public Profile section, set the Enable toggle to the active position. A public profile URL will automatically be generated for your Whistic profile.
  6. Select Copy Public Profile Link to add to my.G2.


demo showing how to find public URL in safebase

To access your public URL:

  1. Log in to SafeBase, then navigate to Trust Center Editor.
  2. Select Preview Mode to access a preview of your Trust Center.
  3. Select Share > Copy Link to copy your public URL.

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