• 18 Jul 2023
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Article Summary

The G2 + Whistic integration enables you to showcase access to security assessments and documentation to your buyers by adding a badge to your G2 product profile.


Basics of the G2 + Whistic integration


This integration is for G2 customers who are part of Whistic's Vendor Security Network, including paid and free profile users. Your Whistic profile must have a “Whistic Ready” badge to activate this integration.

Whistic Ready badge in Trust Catalog

To qualify for a Whistic Ready badge, your Whistic profile must be published to Whistic’s Trust Catalog, updated within the past year, and contain at least one of the following security assessments:

  • SOC 2 Type I or II
  • ISO 27001 or 27002
  • Whistic’s standard security questionnaire

Where your Whistic badge appears on G2

G2 adds your Whistic Ready badge within the Product Information section of your G2 product profile.


Buyers can select View Whistic profile to access your product’s listing in the Whistic Trust Catalog.


This section details every step you need to take to implement the G2 + Whistic integration.

Before getting started

Ensure that you have admin access to your Whistic profile and that your Whistic profile qualifies for a Whistic Ready badge.

1. Configure your Whistic public profile

To activate this integration in my.G2, you must provide a public URL for your Whistic profile.

How to turn on Whistic public profile in Trust Catalog

To create a public Whistic profile URL:

  1. Log in to Whistic, then navigate to Whistic Profile > Settings.
  2. Set your Profile Status to Active.
  3. From the Publish to Trust Catalog section, choose your product from the dropdown, then select Publish.
  4. From the Profile Link section, set the Enable toggle to the active position.
  5. From the Public Profile section, set the Enable toggle to the active position. A public profile URL will automatically be generated for your Whistic profile.
  6. Select Copy Public Profile Link to add to my.G2. Retain this URL for use in the next step.

2. Activate the integration in my.G2

After generating a public profile URL, you can activate the integration in my.G2.

Enter public profile URL in my.G2

To activate the integration:

  1. Go to my.G2, then Integrations > Integration Hub.
  2. Navigate to the Whistic tile.
  3. Paste the URL for your Whistic public profile into the Public Profile URL field, then select Save. Your Whistic Ready badge will immediately appear on your G2 product profile.

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