Release notes (2023)
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Release notes (2023)

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G2 updates products and features on an ongoing basis. The following release notes provide brief information about some of the significant, customer-impacting releases that G2 has made available, along with links to more complete documentation.

March 2023

G2 + Snowflake Integration

The G2 + Snowflake integration enables you to make smarter product, marketing, and revenue decisions by enabling you to leverage G2 Buyer Intent and review data in Snowflake!


Market Intelligence Category Overview

Market Intelligence now offers category-level insights to help you identify industry trends and contextualize your findings from the individual Satisfaction, Win Loss, and Pricing and Contracting pages!

category overview demo

February 2023

Reference Pages enhancements

Showcase your G2 performance with Badges and encourage prospects to take action with custom CTAs directly from your Reference Pages!

reference page demo

G2 Stack in HubSpot

You can now filter contacts and companies in HubSpot using G2 Stack's technographic data!

filter by stack category

Pricing signals (Buyer Intent)

G2's newest Buyer Intent signal enables you to identify and target buyers who view the pricing information on your product profile!

pricing signal

Refine Compare signals in LinkedIn Matched Audiences

You can now refine Compare signals in the LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration to create campaigns demonstrating the strengths of your product relative to specific competitors!

lima-compared to

January 2023

Buying Stage and Activity Level in HubSpot

You can now use G2's Buyer Intent scoring components, Buying Stage and Activity Level, to filter companies and contacts in HubSpot!

example filter usage

Update G2 Managed Profile Details

Request an update to the public information on your G2 product profile directly from my.G2!

g2 managed seller details

New my.G2 notifications

Receive a notification on the first day of each month if your product's category rank or Grid® placement changes!

notifications grid

Switching themes in Market Intelligence

Gain insight into common reasons for customer churn for both your product and your competitors' products!

view all themes

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