Release notes (2023)
  • 04 Jan 2024
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Release notes (2023)

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Article Summary

G2 updates products and features on an ongoing basis. The following release notes provide brief information about some of the significant, customer-impacting releases that G2 has made available, along with links to more complete documentation.

December 2023

G2 + ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts

The G2 + ZoomInfo Suggested Contacts integration surfaces contacts at organizations with G2 Buyer Intent activity based on your ideal customer profile.

image of zoominfo contact data on the buyer intent page

G2 + Slack integration updates

G2 has made several updates to the Slack integration, including:

  • Additional filters: Filter by visitor geolocation, G2 Stack, pricing signals, and sponsored content signals.
  • Notification names: Notifications now include the name you entered in my.G2.
  • Tagging: Notifications can now tag Slack users.

John Smith and Jane Doe are tagged in this Slack notification for SaasCompanyX

UTM parameters for your website URLs

You can now set UTM parameters for your product and company website URLs on G2, enabling you to easily track direct referral traffic from G2!

Add UTM params directly in the corresponding fields

Market Intelligence — Satisfaction at a Glance

The Satisfaction at a Glance panel uses AI-generated insights to help you quickly understand Satisfaction data across your competitive landscape, including where your product succeeds and areas for improvement.

AI insights in the Satisfaction at a Glance container

November 2023

G2 + Gong integration

The G2 + Gong integration enables you to view G2 Buyer Intent data directly in Gong, helping your sales team to prioritize outreach to high-intent customer and prospect accounts on G2.

Demo of clicking view in G2 button within Gong, which opens a page in G2 showing the buyer intent signal

October 2023

Review decay in my.G2

Visualize the impact of G2's review decay algorithm on the weights of your reviews as they age!

An example of the review decay table in the Review Activity panel. G2 divides your reviews into four groups, lists the percent decay associated with reviews at different ages and reports the total number of reviews.

Because recent reviews are more relevant to buyers, older reviews have less weight when calculating your scores for category and Market Report ranking. For more information, refer to the Research Scoring Methodologies.

September 2023

Buying Stage and Activity Level in Marketo

You can now send Buying Stage and Activity Level fields to Marketo!

Highlighted Buying Stage and Activity Level slider in my.G2.

Review Us Button

Capture reviewer interest from your website or landing page by adding a customizable button that triggers your G2 review form in a pop-up overlay!

Demo of clicking Review Us Button and displaying the G2 review form in a pop-up overlay

August 2023

Report draft previews

You can now preview your reports for the upcoming season when the drafts become available!

Screenshot of the report draft preview in the Quarterly tab.

Product profile update logs

You can now access a change log for your G2 product profile!

Select the date to next to Product Information to access the changelog.

Product profile update logs

You can now access a change log for your G2 product profile!

Select the date to next to Product Information to access the changelog.

July 2023

G2 + Salesloft Rhythm integration

You can now send G2 Buyer Intent signals to Salesloft Rhythm, enabling members of your Sales team to prioritize their next best action for account engagement based on G2 buyer activity.

A demo GIF of Salesloft Rhythm.

Track Your Prospects + Google Analytics sync

You can now automatically add Google's unique web browser identifier (Client ID) to your Track Your Prospects events, enabling you to track how a buyer navigates across your website before, during, and after researching your product on G2!

How to add your Google Analytics Property ID to activate Google Analytics sync

Multi-product groups

You can now create groups to help you manage my.G2 admin permissions for multiple products!

A screenshot showing the Groups tab. Each group has view, edit, or delete functionality.


The G2 + Whistic integration enables you to showcase access to your security and compliance qualifications to buyers!

whistic demo

Website referrals

You can now track the number of clicks to your website via your G2 profile in the Profile Activity tab!

redirects demo

Monty in my.G2

Monty – G2's AI assistant powered by ChatGPT – can now access G2 technical documentation to help answer questions about G2 products and services!

update product category

Request category updates

You can now request updates to your product's G2 categories directly from the Product Information tab in my.G2!

update product category

June 2023

LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration redesign

The G2 + LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration has a brand new audience building experience with additional filters, such as visitor geolocation!

lima demo

May 2023

Buyer Intent in Market Intelligence

Buyer Intent comparison signals are now available in Market Intelligence, enabling you to identify your product's top competitors and their corresponding firmographic information!

buyer intent comparisons demo

Review rejection reasons

The Review Activity tab now provides a detailed explanation when a review is rejected by G2's moderation team!

report library demo

Report Library redesign

G2 has overhauled Report Library, making it easier to find and share your G2 Market Reports and report-based awards, such as G2 Badges!

report library demo

April 2023

Buying Stage and Activity Level in Salesforce

G2's Buyer Intent scoring components, Buying Stage and Activity Level, have been added as independent fields on the G2 Visiting Organizations object in Salesforce! You can now filter companies by Buying Stage and Activity level in the G2 Buyer Intent tab, the G2 Visiting Organizations tab, as well as your custom reports and automations!

buyer intent score filters

For more information on Buying Stage and Activity Level, refer to the Buyer Intent documentation.

Pricing signal in G2 integrations

Pricing pageviews, G2's newest Buyer Intent signal, is now available in several G2 integrations!

g2 price page signal in hubspot example

The following integrations will automatically receive new Pricing signals:

For more information on G2's Buyer Intent signal types, refer to the Buyer Intent documentation.

New notification: Review Campaign reminder

You now receive my.G2 notifications the first week of every quarter reminding you to request a new G2 Review Campaign!

g2 report notification

March 2023

G2 + Snowflake integration

The G2 + Snowflake integration enables you to make smarter product, marketing, and revenue decisions by enabling you to leverage G2 Buyer Intent and review data in Snowflake!


Market Intelligence Category Overview

Market Intelligence now offers category-level insights to help you identify industry trends and contextualize your findings from the individual Satisfaction, Win Loss, and Pricing and Contracting pages!

category overview demo

February 2023

Reference Pages enhancements

Showcase your G2 performance with Badges and encourage prospects to take action with custom CTAs directly from your Reference Pages!

reference page demo

G2 Stack in HubSpot

You can now filter contacts and companies in HubSpot using G2 Stack's technographic data!

filter by stack category

Pricing signals (Buyer Intent)

G2's newest Buyer Intent signal enables you to identify and target buyers who view the pricing information on your product profile!

pricing signal

Refine Compare signals in LinkedIn Matched Audiences

You can now refine Compare signals in the LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration to create campaigns demonstrating the strengths of your product relative to specific competitors!

lima-compared to

January 2023

Buying Stage and Activity Level in HubSpot

You can now use G2's Buyer Intent scoring components, Buying Stage and Activity Level, to filter companies and contacts in HubSpot!

example filter usage

Update G2 Managed Profile Details

Request an update to the public information on your G2 product profile directly from my.G2!

g2 managed seller details

New my.G2 notifications

Receive a notification on the first day of each month if your product's category rank or Grid® placement changes!

notifications grid

Switching themes in Market Intelligence

Gain insight into common reasons for customer churn for both your product and your competitors' products!

view all themes