Release notes (2024)
  • 06 May 2024
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Release notes (2024)

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G2 updates products and features on an ongoing basis. The following release notes provide brief information about some of the significant, customer-impacting releases that G2 has made available, along with links to more complete documentation.


Security tab

The Security tab enables you to showcase security and compliance assessments to buyers by adding your security information to your G2 Profile.

demonstration showing how to add security partner URL in my.G2

Market Intelligence Feature Ratings

Feature Ratings uses review data to provide insight into user perception of feature value, enabling you to understand your highest and lowest rated features compared to your competitors.

image showing feature ratings panel in my.g2

April 2024

Review Spotlight widget

Review Spotlight widget enables you to create dynamic widgets that display G2 reviews on your website and landing pages.

demo showing how to select a theme for a review spotlight widget

Compare Report Generator

The Compare tab enables you to create reports that highlight your features compared to your competitors.

image showing compare tab in my.g2

Paid Promotions

You can now purchase quarterly Paid Promotions for your product's G2 categories directly from my.G2!

Paid Promotions demo image

March 2024

G2 + 6sense integration updates

The enhanced G2 + 6sense integration now integrates with 6sense’s Revenue AI for Marketing and Sales platforms, enabling you to refine segmentation, prioritize outreach, and gain insights from predictive models that incorporate G2 Buyer Intent data.

image showing g2 buyer intent data within 6sense models

Hubspot ideal customer profile filters

You can now set your ideal customer profile (ICP) in the G2 + HubSpot integration to filter G2 signals before they are received in HubSpot!

image showing hubspot filters in my.g2

February 2024

G2 + Sendoso

The G2 + Sendoso integration enables you to incentivize reviewers with physical gifts chosen by you, rather than gift cards.

demo of configuring a sendoso campaign

Overall Review Sentiment

Review Sentiment ratings provide insights from G2 reviews into several measures of customer sentiment for products, product suites, and services.

image of sentiment charts for a product profile

January 2024

Likes and Dislikes in Market Intelligence

The Product Users’ Likes and Dislikes panel enables you to access more information about themes for your product and your competitors, including quotes from specific reviews.

demo of selecting see details button

G2 Impact chart

The new G2 Impact chart in the Profile Activity tab helps contextualize your product's performance on G2 by providing engagement data for different stages of the buyer journey!

G2 Impact chart demo

G2 Clicks (beta)

G2 Clicks is a subscription-free, pay-per-click (PPC) offering that enables you to capture buyer interest by adding your website link to your G2 profile page and category page listing(s).

G2 Clicks demo

G2 Clicks (beta) is only available for free G2 product profiles. Products subscribed to a G2 plan receive all benefits of G2 Clicks by default.